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Sliding Scale Leave Policy
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Chrm Message From: marcus_seattle Total Posts: 20 Join Date: 23/02/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 23/02/2007 04:56:55 Points: 100 Location: United States


We would like to create sliding scale leave policies which start with the legal minimums for all eligible employees and then are more generous for more senior employees (i.e., employees in higher management and employees who have been with the company for longer periods of time). We are not unionized. Is this legal? Any suggestions for implementing such a policy?

marcus @ settle, wa

Chrm Message From: Scott.Catherine Total Posts: 21 Join Date: 23/02/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 23/02/2007 05:00:09 Points: 105 Location: United States

hi marcus,

I believe that as long as you are providing the state and/or federal required leave amounts to all qualified employees, that you may be more generous to certain employees, based on neutral, nondiscriminatory criteria, such as years of service or more senior positions.


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