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Sol and Mort are walking from religious service. Sol wonders whether it  would be all right to smoke while praying. Mort  replies, "Why don't you  ask Rabbi Schwartz?" 
So Sol goes up to Rabbi Schwartz and asks, "Rabbi,  may I smoke while I  pray?" 
But Rabbi says, "No, my son, you may not. That's  utter disrespect to our  religion." 
Sol goes back to his friend and tells him what the  good Rabbi told  him.Mort says, "I'm not surprised. You asked the  wrong question. Let me try." 
And so Mort goes up to Rabbi Schwartz and asks,  "Rabbi, may I pray while I  smoke?" 
To which Rabbi Schwartz eagerly replies, "By all means, my son. By all  means." 
The reply you get depends on the question you ask.

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