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Achieving Performance through Coaching & Mentoring

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Achieving Performance through Coaching & Mentoring

Hello Folks!!

I recently had a dicussion on the effectivenss of performance appraisals (which is also one of my favourite topics and my project work in a couple of organisations) and the role of the bosses as mentors, with many HR practitioners.

All that they had to say was that MBOs was this...

It is a miserable failure in India....

this is because of role ambiguity
bosses are unclear about assigning tasks & objectives....
though individual goals are being set by employees themselves, still many feel that their objectives are already fixed, which is not flexible to change

and also that individual goals not being linked with organisational goals...

In light of our discussion on the role of mentoring in achieving better performance, when there is inadequate support from bosses, there are unclear expectations..and this hinders performance...

Coaching and mentoring only would help...But in India though many organisations go for newer appraisal systems, there seems to be a great divide in training bosses to act as mentors and coaches, which is far beyond the traditional appraisal systems and evaluation.....

Would like to get your feedback in the line of thought...



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Re: Achieving Performance through Coaching & Mentoring

Dear bindu & colleagues,

An apt observation at the beginning of a career that can create huge impact on organisational success in the fast-eat-slow culture that is emerging. Lack of role clarity is one of the 4 reasons within management (HR) control which directly affects performance.There are other key drivers of performance wthin management control.The BIGGEST driver is the behavior choices made by the employee. To impact on that, there in no better tool for business managers today than Coaching skills.

Prof Tandon

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Re: Achieving Performance through Coaching & Mentoring


Coaching and mentoring have become increasingly necessary in today’s time. It is being used for both personal and professional development. Mentoring/Coaching helps to build a positive and concrete change in individuals and to boost the transfer of knowledge from the coach/mentor to the individual.

At the workplace, mentoring or coaching is practiced when the management notices that there are employees who must improve their potentials to achieve better in and through their jobs by being more prolific. Those employees who need to strengthen their skills, working behavior lapses and problems with performance output are trained under the supervision of a coach or a mentor. After assessing the lacunae and shortcomings of a workplace, it is recommended to go either for coaching or mentoring.

How an organisation gets benefited?

An organisation is benefitted in the following ways:-

·         An advantage of having more skilled and well-performing employees and thus better service.

·         Greater employee retention.

·         Human resources are utilised to its fullest.

·         Greater possibilities of attaining goals and success.

·         The succession plan is planned and drawn in advance.

·         Developed skill set and expertise of the employees.

·         Communication within the workplace and organisation as a whole is improved.

·         Company culture and ethics gets strengthened.

How Coaching/Mentoring benefits one and all?

Coaching/Mentoring yields significant benefits to the organization, the individuals and the coach or mentors themselves. Thus the implementation of coaching and mentoring in the workplace becomes an excellent contribution to the overall development of the individual and organisations. This is why these programs are incorporated as a regular practice in the organisational system in the present time.