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Training Need Analysis
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Dear Fellow Professionals,

Some of you wanted to know the steps for training need analysis. You can use the following checklist to do a T&D analysis of your organization


The training need

- Who wants it?
- Why do they want it?
- Is there a lack of skills and/or knowledge?

The audience

- Who is the audience?
- What is their knowledge of the topic?
- How do they react to the topic?
- What are their job duties?
- What are they probably expecting?
- What is their previous experience of training?
- Are there any motivational problems?
- What is normal behavior for this target group?


- Regulations.
- Possible resources.
- Procedures.
- Policies.
- Case studies and examples.

Timing issues

- Starting dates.
- Length.
- Frequency.
- Location of training: where; number of learners; space required.

The company

- The business the organization is in.
- Attitude to training
- The current strategic mission.
- Future plans.
- Quality standards affecting the organization.

Anticipated difficulties

- Budget constraints.
- Availability of learners.
- Resource issues.

Have A Good Day.........


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