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Does B-school Rank Influence Recruitment Decision?
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Chrm Message From: lieu Total Posts: 38 Join Date: 18/10/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 20/03/2007 10:27:34 Points: 190 Location: United States


I have been a member of this group for quite sometime.I do believe this group which has HR Professionals across globe, associated with it, would definitely help me in finding a answer to this question...

Does B-school rank influence recruitment decision ?

I often come across alot of job postings, where it is typically mentioned that the employer is looking for an MBA from premier institute....

I also do belive that this could be a easy way to filter the applications, but i myself have heard of incidents wherein the applications have been rejected on the basis of the college they have passed even for a Management Trainee postions....

A simple question to the HR fraternity...... Does talent gets nurtured only at the top B-schools ??



Chrm Message From: aladin Total Posts: 38 Join Date: 18/10/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 21/03/2007 11:17:58 Points: 190 Location: United States

Hi lieu,

I would like to speak some thing from my side regarding the question you have raised.

What you have mentioned is more accurate that many organisations carry away by the rank of the B schools, when it comes to recruitment.

Though it is true that a good set of students who pass out from B schools are nurtured with Talents but not all... Similarly a student from a B school which is not of in a good place in terms of Ranks necessarily not be a poor performer.

It actually doesn't matter where you study, but what you study and how you are going to apply your knowledge and theory into practice.

Any organisation which says that it has a fair method of recruitment should certainly consider only the talents and not the rank of the school. It is true that many organisations are loosing good potential resources on this ground.

Would like to have view from other members of the community !!


Chrm Message From: johnn Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 18/10/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 21/03/2007 11:19:51 Points: 140 Location: United States

Dear Friends,

If you were to look at Fundamental psychology of personality, a person is nurtured both by genes and the environment. Any school is just like the mother's "Womb", the mother in her 10 months of nurturing process attempts to deliver a matured baby, but it again depends, what that mother is capable of. A mere commitment doesn't help here, she has to be well fed and taken care off to deliver the baby. Irrespective of the mother's capability the baby grows to become an Scientist, or an entrepreneur or a dumb guy.

The womb is the School, the mother is our teachers and we are the babies. After 10 months you better take care of yourselves, it is not the Womb that really matters but your willingness to overcome the world's battles in life, career and relationships.

Fire your thoughts.



Chrm Message From: kashmeera Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 18/10/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 21/03/2007 11:22:28 Points: 140 Location: United States

Hello colleagues,

This is a discussion which often catches fire. I remember being party to a similar discussion a year back in the alumni group of one of the top ranking B- school and the divide was quiet obvious. The result was that some of them became more convinced about the concept of "Corporate Brahminism" whereas others decided never to encourage advertisements like " from the best B- Schools only like ...., ........... only" etc

Iam not an advocate in deciding whether students from the best B- schools make an impact on interviewers but i think the "Theory of Expectancy" works out here. The interviewer(s) have a positive framework on the guys and gals from the ranked B-Schools and that the students ensures that they live up to it.

Also if you look at competency theories it talks about Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Motives & Traits to be the prerequisites of being successful in ones own role. To quote the "Iceberg Model of competency"- Lyle Spencer:

"Content Knowledge and behavioral skills are easiest to teach. Altering perceptions, self concept values and motives is harder while changing motives and traits is possible,the process is lengthy , difficult and expensive. From a cost effectiveness standpoint , the rule is "Hire for core motivation and trait characteristics and develop knowledge and skills". Most orgainsations do the the reverse: they hire on the basis of educational credentials and assume that candidates come with or can be indoctrinated with the appropriate motives and traits.Or in, the words of one personnel manager" You can teach a turkey to climb a tree , but its easier to hire a squirrel".



Chrm Message From: rehaan Total Posts: 69 Join Date: 18/10/2006  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 21/03/2007 11:24:09 Points: 345 Location: United States

i've been a silent reader of all the issues posted on these e-groups. with due respects to all concerned, i would like to ask just 1 question.

if given an option to choose between say, the IIMs & some other B or C grade institute at the time of admission, which institute would you opt for? i would really like to meet the person who would opt for that B or C grade institute, when IIM option is available. So why is it considered wrong if the recruiting companies take a similar stand?

would appreciate views from other group members.

Thanks & Regards


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