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Tips for a Potential Employee
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Dear Friends,

Find below few tips for a Potential Employee :-

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – the ability to see people and situations in a positive way .

HIGH ENERGY LEVEL – strength and stamina to work hard and not wear down .

PERSONAL WARMTH – a manner that draws people to them .

INTEGRITY – trustworthy, good solid character, words and walk are consistent .

RESPONSIBLE – always “comes through”, no excuses, job delegated – job done .

GOOD SELF IMAGE – feels good about self, others, and life .

MENTAL HORSEPOWER – ability to keep learning as the job expands.

LEADERSHIP ABILITY – has high influence over others.

FOLLOWERSHIP ABILITY – willingness to submit, play team ball and follow the leader.

ABSENCE OF PERSONAL PROBLEMS – personal, family, and business life are in order .

PEOPLE SKILLS – the ability to draw people and develop them .

SENSE OF HUMOR – enjoys life, fails to take self too seriously.

RESILENCE – able to “bounce back” when problems arise.

TRACK RECORD – has experience and success, hopefully in two or more situations.

GREAT DESIRE – hungers for growth and personal development.

SELF DISCIPLINE – willing to “pay the price” and handle success.

CREATIVE – ability to see solutions and fix problems.

FLEXIBILITY – not afraid of change; fluid; flows as organization grows.

SEES “BIG PICTURE” – able to look beyond personal interest and see the total picture .

INTUTIVE – able to discern and sense a situation without tangible data.

The points probably cannot be taught. The others can be taught with a proper mentor, environment and willingness by the Trainer. Most of the qualities in the above list can be evaluated with a couple of interviews and tests.



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