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HR Service Efficiency Review
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Chrm Message From: vijayraj Total Posts: 41 Join Date: 15/11/2006
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I've a question that relates to service efficiency review. We are in the process of assessing service efficiency of our employees by designing a module. The module, known as Service Effiiency Index (SEI), consists of listing down various factors like appraisal rating, promotability assessment, qualifications, meeting employment criteria, position in forced ranking (based on appraisal rating), negative reports ie weakness. The sum of all this forms the basis of overall rating where scores from positive to negative get reflected.

My question is that whether such a service review has ever been carried out by anyone? if yes, what were the parameters? Is there any standard practice for carrying out such a review?

Also is the SEI calculator realistic? what could be done to refine it further?

Best regards to all!


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