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Certificate in Emotional Intelligence - DEP
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Certificate in Emotional Intelligence (Distance Education Program)

Emotional Intelligence has become a critical factor for sustaining high performance at work. Organizations around the world are adopting Emotionally Intelligent practices in their way of doing business and for solutions to critical challenges in sales, customer service, retention, productivity, and leadership.

The Harvard Business Review article by Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence gave the following conclusion: "In hard times, the soft stuff often goes away. But emotional intelligence, it turns out, isn't so soft. If emotional obliviousness jeopardizes your ability to perform, fend off aggressors, or be compassionate in a crisis, no amount of attention to the bottom line will protect your career. Emotional intelligence isn't a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It's a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is the key to professional success."

Organizations are made of people, processes and property. For a long time, "common wisdom" has been that returns come from investing in the latter two. Yet, in the last decade, a flood of research has challenged that assumption and is increasingly proving that a company's people are the differentiating factor. Since emotional intelligence is all about "people smarts" -- about relating to yourself and others -- it's no surprise that EQ plays a major role in this dimension.

Certificate in Emotional Intelligence
CEI is a 3 months distance education program with 6 modules focused on helping the participants achieve the following objectives
• Learn the benefits of Emotional Intelligence.
• Learn the most current research on Emotional Intelligence.
• Gain in-depth knowledge about the five areas of Emotional Intelligence.
• Learn the competencies that lead to increased performance at work.
• Learn key reinforcement strategies for maintaining high emotional intelligence at work.
• Learn the roadmap to increase your Emotional Intelligence.
• Learn how to Coach & Mentor others with Emotional Intelligence
• Learn how to Lead with Emotional Intelligence
• Identify specific actions to increase Emotional Intelligence.

Certificate Modules
CEI has 6 modules delivered over 3 months. Participants will have to complete 2 modules per month. The modules are as follows
• Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
• Self Awareness & Control
• Empathy & Social Expertness
• Personal Influence and Mastery of Purpose & Vision
• Coaching & Mentoring with EQ
• Leading with Emotional Intelligence

The Index for Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment will be administered for all participants.

Participants will have to complete one assignment every month and clear an exam at the end of 3 months to qualify for the Certificate. The course material & the assignment to be completed will be couriered to the participants at the beginning of every month. The participants will have to send the assignments back to us for evaluation. The exams will be conducted at the respective locations across India at the end of 3 months.

Course Fees
The cost for the course is Rs.6500/- per participant. The course fee should be paid in favor of STAFFINTEL payable at Chennai by DD or Credit Card. Course materials will be sent post receipt of the course fee. The next course begins from April 10th, 2006 onwards. The last date for registration for the course is April 3rd, 2006.

Please contact us for more information
Staffintel, New No 7, Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600032
Email - Website -
Telephone - 91-44-22355181 Cell - 91-9841291474

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