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Misconception about Power Words
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Chrm Message From: affluenthr Total Posts: 23 Join Date: 07/06/2007
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Dear Friends,

In my previous post, I have spoken about the importance of imparting English language training to people at all levels in an organization and society.

Today I shall continue, by sharing another observation of mine, regarding English .

This concerns the so to say "POWER WORDS".

Most books on Power Words normally talk about those big words, eight-letter and above, whose meaning only 1 percent of the globe understands. They try to convince us about the power which those words will give to our vocabulary
and thus our personality etc etc.

Well ! I disagree with them.

I feel that POWER WORDS are those words, which give a person THE POWER TO SPEAK CORRECT ENGLISH.

And these "POWER WORDS " are those two, three and four letter words which actually help in the formation of a sentence. They are the prepositions, pronouns, articles and conjunctions, that we normally use, without even thinking about.

And if you observe very carefully, you will realize and its the usage of these words which confuses the majority. We ourselves can get confused sometimes.

To educate the masses of India by the millions, we shall have to educate them thoroughly with just the correct usage of four hundred odd small and tiny words. And the POWER that these words shall bring to his self confidence and language shall be awesome.

This is my agenda ! And I am sure that its yours too :)

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