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HR Square Management

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HR Square Management

Dear Colleagues,

I want to share some info with you. I have successfully implemented this concept in my company, and I am successful to decrease the employee turnover in my company. I have reduced it from 12% to 2.5%. This is an achievement of this concept. Therefore I thought that I should share with you. Here is some write up for you all..

HR2 Management

It’s not a play of words. But a concept to be copnsidered and accepted. As HR Professionals, we are going thru this situation again and again but we do not have ultimate solution for this. But this concept, HR2 Management, may be a solution for this.

In this note I am just telling you the brief of HR2 Management, not the application of this concept in your organisation. 

What do you do in Human Resource Management?

Managing the Human Resources

What should we have to do in Human Resource2 Management?

Human Resource2 Management is a spin off of Human Resource Management.

R2 = Resources & Relatioships

In Human Resource Management, more stress and importance is given only to the Human Resources, not to the other factors, which are equally important in Human Resource Management. In Human Resource2 Management, alongwith Human Resources we manage Resources and Relationships amongst the Human Resources.

Human Resource2 Management does not only include 2 r’s but, number of r’s are included. But the main r’s are the Resources and Relationships.

This concept includes the following:

Mnaging Human Resources
Managing Humanity
Managing Human Relationships
Managing Resources
Managing Resources with Relationships
Managing Relationships with the Resources

Now the concerns are:

How to manage
Why to manage
When to manage
For what to manage

Any more members to explore this concept ??



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Re: HR Square Management

Hi Santos, My reply may be a little late.But its a lot interesting article.Great to hear an innovative approach to hr. I am pursuing an MBA.I would love to do a project based on this concept.I want to have more information on this.Could please help me.My mail id is Any other member who have related information please post here. Santos, I would be waiting for your reply please Sudarshan