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Are we Pampering our Employees ?
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Chrm Message From: tiwarirekha Total Posts: 24 Join Date: 29/03/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 22/06/2007 01:28:46 Points: 120 Location: United States

Dear All,

A friend recently told me that any organization that runs on creativity requires that it pamper the people who create it... made for some thinking...

Software companies in a way do pamper their employees to have them stick on for as long as they can. other companies like ad agencies that require a whole lot of innovating, R&D centres that wud have a success rate of perhaps 1%... all of them look for ways of getting their people to love their work after years and years at it.

I'd like to know from all of you, of any practices that you've heard of, and those that are in vogue in your companies...

Warm Regards

Rekha Tiwari

Chrm Message From: anirban@eden Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 29/03/2007  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 05/12/2009 13:27:23 Points: 5 Location: United States

in response to the above discussion, we in some point of time really have no other option but to papmer our team.

We have a team of 100 professional animation artist and these creative minds needed to be pampered from time to time to get maximum out put. but situation many of the times goes beyond control and result in indisciplined scenarios.

really need a firm guideline on dealing with creative minds!




Chrm Message From: shellyrekhi Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 29/03/2007  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 15/12/2009 04:51:51 Points: 15 Location: United States

Dear Hello,

I think the right way is motivating the employees and not pampering them, because it is with motivation that they will be satisfied as well as productive but with pampering they can be spoiled also and their expectations can rise to ingenuine demands.

So, it is the responsibility of an employer or top management that all the needs of the emnployees must be met and there should be some allurement for them which can push them to better efforts.