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Education and Nature !!
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Education should lead us to Humility. In turn, it will equip us with all the Eligibility. Eligibility provides us with necessary material Wealth and enables us to do some charitable Deeds. Charity makes us Happy and reveal to us the truth that Education does not mean only giving meaning to the Words.

Our Education is not measured by how many degrees or diplomas we hold or how many exams we passed. It has to be valued not as a means of earning one's livelihood, but as the essential requisite for a Happy, Peaceful and Progressive Life.

Abraham Lincoln is an excellent example for us to know how Education could make a person humble and great, bright like a polished Gem.

A very nice story about Abraham Lincoln to share with you my friends ....

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States when the country was facing one of the most crucial civil wars. The situation was so serious that the President himself proceeded to personally direct the stalled Peninsular Campaign.
George Pickett, who had known Lincoln in Illinois, years before, joined the Southern army, and by his conspicuous bravery and ability had become one of the great Generals of the Confederacy. Toward the close of the war, when a large part of Virginia had fallen into the possession of the Union army, the President lost his temper and became so angry with General Pickett. One day Lincoln himself called at General Pickett's Virginia home.
The General's wife, with her baby on her arm, met him at the door.

'Is this George Pickett's home?'; Asked the President.
The General's Wife could not believe herself that Abraham Lincoln was standing in front of her. She had never seen him, but she knew the ! intense love and reverence with which her husband always spoke of Lincoln.
With all the courage and dignity she could muster, she replied in a shivering voice;
'Yes, and I am his wife, and this is his baby.'
He replied; 'I am Abraham Lincoln.'
'The President!' she gasped.
Lincoln shook his head and replied; 'No, Abraham Lincoln, George's old friend.'

"The baby pushed away from his Mom and reached out his hands to Lincoln, who took him in his arms. As he did so, an _expression of rapt, almost divine tenderness and love lighted up the sad face of Lincoln. It was a look that the General's wife had never seen on any other face of his position. The baby opened his mouth wide and insisted upon giving his Dad's friend a dewy kiss.

Lincoln forgot the fact that he came there to warn the General. While giving the little one back to her, he spoke to the little kid;
'Tell your Dad, the Stupid, that! I forgive him for the sake of your bright eyes."

Whatever we learn through Education and also from our Lives have to be practiced and used for the welfare of the Society. It is so true that the Wealth of one's Education makes his/her heart softer and his/her Character more Cute.

Every letter in Education conveys a message for us;
"E" for Enlightment
"D" for Duty and Devotion
"U" for Understanding
"C" for Character
"A" for Action
"T" for Thanking
"I" for Integrity
"O" for Oneness
"N" for Nobility

It is so true that Education without Character, Politics without Principles and Commerce without Morality will not Last Long.

Let us all use the brightness of Knowledge to make our Heart a Lotus, unfolding its petals when the Sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it.

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