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Workplace Depression

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Workplace Depression


Thought I'd share this with you. Workplace Depression is a subject I got interested in very recently. However, doing the net search for more to read on the subject, I found nothing with reference to Indian offices. With the world's outsourcing/software solutions hub in this country, and some really high pressures in our social/professional lives, I found it curious that the HR fraternity/media in India has not yet discussed the subject seriously. There were articles on stress Management etc. , but we do understand and know that depression is not he same thing as stress. We all know of employees performing below par because they may be clinically depressed.

I was wondering: How is depression handled by people? By the manager, who has to deal with the performance issues esp in a team, by the HR person, who may or may not be sensitive to the needs of depressed people. Do we at all distinguish between depression, stress and serious emotional trouble, making it difficult for the employee to perform? The more I read on the subject (mostly from the West and Australia), the more sensitized I became to the issue and its special needs. I was also more convinced of the fact that a depressed employee can, indeed, bounce back with proper help and support. What do we do with such employees? Leave them to bounce back on their own, or leave them on the sidelines because they cannot march with everyone else... ?

Your views/inputs please...


Sanjay Mewar