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Multi-Rater Feedback System
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Chrm Message From: bimal kapoor Total Posts: 25 Join Date: 13/04/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 12/08/2007 13:11:55 Points: 125 Location: United States

Dear Friends,

I have some queries on Multi-Rater Feedback System.

How can the Multirater Feedback system be intergrated / connected with the Values / Strategic aims of the Organisation? And how can values like for instance, 'Caring' or 'Lead with Courage' be linked to individual performance? Its too broad and vague!

Thanks in advance,

Bimal Kapoor

Chrm Message From: sumitha.walia Total Posts: 20 Join Date: 13/04/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 12/08/2007 13:13:09 Points: 100 Location: United States

Dear bimal,

Both can be done, and the methodology is quite simple. in both cases, all stakeholders in the process must have a common understanding of what it means to be "caring" or to be "leading with courage".

in the case of multi-rater feedback you could start with looking at the strategy of the orgn and the values it believes/ wants to believe in.... and where you will find feedback on those.... again wht is important is tht all stakeholders are in sync with what the stated strategy, value means...

in case of linking values to individual performance, again if you have a common understanding of what it means to be "caring" then while assessing an individual on how they displayed/ did not display/ and to what degree they displayed/ did not display that value, and while providing feedback to the individual on the same, both parties will be aware of what they are talking about and where they are coming from.

perhaps this brings some specificity to something that seemed too broad and vague to you.



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