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Emotional Intelligence Critical to Workplace

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Emotional Intelligence Critical to Workplace

Dear Colleagues,

It takes more than technical skills to be successful. Emotional intelligence or the ability to restrain negative feelings such as anger and self-doubt and to focus on positive ones such as confidence and congeniality are the key determinants of an individual's career growth. Not only do superiors and corporate leaders need high doses of emotional intelligence, but every job demands it too. People skills run parallel to the concept of emotional intelligence and its application at workplace. HR experts point that emotional intelligence matters twice as much as technical and analytic skill combined for star performances, and the higher people move up in the company, the more crucial emotional intelligence becomes. A display of emotions like anxiety on new project, happiness over the promotion, fear of losing job, tension of the board meeting and alike, can take place in the workplace. The way an individual manages his/her emotions can convey critical information about his/her performance at work: for example, happiness indicates satisfaction levels while tension depicts nervousness etc.