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Essential Qualities of an HR Professional
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Chrm Message From: Scott.Catherine Total Posts: 21 Join Date: 23/02/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 16/09/2007 11:09:31 Points: 105 Location: United States

Dear Professionals,

I am sharing here some of the personal qualities a person should possess in order to be an effective HR professional and the same should also be adopted by a corporate house, to be more effective and to generate maximum possible outcomes from an employees. 

The list of qualities/traits is as follows:

Self Control
We are living in an industrial ere where pressure is a part and parcel of corporate career, be it an IT Industry, Telecom industry, Financial Industry or any other industry. Self-control will give a HR person the positive attitude to win. He needs to be composed and calm. He cannot afford to be moody or prone to out burst. He needs to understand the problems and give/provide solutions instead of becoming a part to the problem.

Building Bonds
To be an effective HR person one should not look at the people in masses. Instead they should treat everybody differently and try to build heart-to-heart and emotional relations (Sahara Group is also suppose to adopt the similar policy while dealing with employees).

Need is to look at people as individuals and understand their specific problems and requirements as a person, remember for each person his other problem is 100% genuine, serious and need attention. If hr builds strong relationship with people, it results better bonding with the organization as well. As they have said, the route to win an employee is trough his heart.

In this era of Information and technology, where any information is just one-click away, nothing can be hided, so why even to try for it. More than anything else, it is the sincerity and transparency that will HR persons to surmount obstacles. Every issue needs to be seen in its long-term interest and one should not find a solution for a time being.

Personal Credibility
Trust is central to any relationship and an employee –HR relation is no exception to it. A relation of a HR person with his employee is based on trust and faith.

After having built the bond of trust, the HR person should not violate that trust with employees at any cost. The organization’s interests have to be looked after within the framework of individual interests.

As you all knows it, empathy, means putting you in other’s shoes. It is the ability to genuinely look at the situation and circumstances from other person’s point of view. More than reacting to behavior of a person/employee the HR person should try to get the answer for “why”? Why he/she behaved in that particular manner. Empathy helps in taking tough decisions without causing too much disruption. IT can win over the most difficult employees.

I have always maintained that a HR person or that matter any organizational head cannot work effectively by sitting on a comfort chair in a air-conditioned cabin. This means that the HR person must take time to meet people and not let his/her awareness be restricted by pre-occupation with transactions. In the absence of such awareness, the HR person cannot be a business partner in the organization.

Gone are the days when employees were ruled certain guidelines and regulations. Hence Hr person should understand the spirit and purpose of the policy and customize it in appropriate circumstances.

Again, the parameters of judging a right or wrong are changing at the blink of an eye and HR person must be aware of it and must be open to it.

Quick reflexes and speed
Speed is a call of an hour and a HR person should not take his own time to respond to queries and react to the problem. If a problem has been raised, it need to be addressed at the shortest possible time and in the most effective manner.

Looking forward to your feedback

Chrm Message From: arunrathore85 Total Posts: 9 Join Date: 23/02/2007  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 30/03/2009 05:04:56 Points: 45 Location: United States

Hi Catherine,

This indeed is an amazing post. I think it is like a checklist for all the HR professionals as well as the aspirants. I think I would do a self check based on these qualities and try to embibe the things I lack out of the ones laid down.

Keep it up...



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