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Do you add value or are you a “pair of hands”?
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On a recent cab ride, I was wowed by the amount of value the cab driver delivered. He offered a newspaper, pointed out some sights of interest and suggested some great restaurants near my destination. All of this was done while getting from point A to point B quickly and pleasantly. Maybe I was so pleasantly surprised because I've learned not to expect much from cab drivers.

The same is true at work. Some people are just a pair of hands. They just do what's asked of them—no more, no less—and then wonder why all the "lucky breaks" go to someone else.

Their value-adding coworkers don't view their work that way. They try to anticipate problems and do what they can to solve them. They're easy to work with and quick to spot ways to make life easier for those around them. They're the ones who do a little extra while getting from point A to point B. They are also the ones to get noticed and promoted to point C.

Have you noticed at any point the above instance in your workplace ?

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