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Change in Corporate Culture

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Change in Corporate Culture

Dear All,

I was contemplating on the above mentioned issue.

Can we actually change the corporate culture? Even if you have the buy in from the top management and one has employed an elaborate change management initiative with keeping behavioral aspects at the backdrop.

Any success stories?

Appreciate a discussion on this.

Many Thanks


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Re: Change in Corporate Culture

You need a very determined team (spread across top to bottom of an hierarchy) to
bring in changes in corporate culture.

Remember - most of the change agents had sacrificed their life or job or career. Jesus, Gandhi and others from religion or freedom movement has given us a lesson that they are not liked by a large group within or just around them.

In corporate HR - such cases are many - better not to name the HR shahids in India.

The cultural change is a very slow process - one of the dramatic large scale changes have happened in Ford and also in a few companies in India. It is called RTSC - Real Time Strategic Change and it involves large scale logistics and HR initiative. In India, Eicher Consultancy Services are pioneer and they conducted a few Training on this starting 1997. Their earlier clients: L&T, Eicher Motors, Godrej I know initiated such cultural changes.

Gujarat Ambuja initiated similar changes in early 1990s.

The reason for failure are many: the pace is so slow and changes in top management especially in HR are sometimes more frequent and focus changes every 2-3 years. Only
sustained efforts and determined top management (read CEO) can bring such cultural changes.

Recent examples are: Aditya Birla Group after KM Birla taken over the leadership.

If you need more information and case studies - you may get from above companies.