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Dear Friends,

After earlier discussions on the "Outsourcing factor", I really was enthused to research about this "O" factor, and this curiosity of mine forced me to chek what all was happening in India about this so called blowed up issue, so I tried a few fingers on my keypad, just to find an excellent stuff relating to the outsourcing of human resource services or to say, HR BPO.

No wonder, we always would have been just more fortunate to keep flowing our thoughts in its own way on this issue, but what I beleive is that only reading and researching might be the best way to keep each HR professional informed about the latest happenings, after all, we are here to learn each day and the learning process should keep going. Now, just before I proceed with the free flow of my thoughts on "HR Outsourcing", I thought of sharing this write-up with you...

HR BPO - The Next Big Thing 
After customer care services and medical transcription, outsourcing of human resource services or HR BPO is emerging as next big opportunity for Indian BPOs with the global market in this segment estimated at $40-60 billion per annum, experts said on Monday.

"HR BPO comes to about 33 per cent of the outsourcing pie. India has immense potential as more than 80 per cent of Fortune 1000 companies will discuss offshore BPO as a way to cut costs and increase productivity," said V Chandrasekaran, co-founder of Secova eServices, the first Indian HR BPO.

Sensing the potential, global BPO players including Fidelity, Exult and Hewitt have begun setting up operations in India.

However, most HR BPO players have not leveraged the offshore advantage as yet, he told PTI.

Research firm Gartner has forecast HR BPO to reach $51 billion and represent 39 per cent of all BPO revenue by 2004-end. "Payroll and benefits services are the most popular in HR BPO and are driving the growth of the market," said an analyst with Gartner.

"HR opportunity is absolutely new. It is a sunrise opportunity with huge potential," Chandrasekaran, who formed Secova eServices to tap this potential, said. "Our initial focus will be only on HR administration, benefits and payroll, in the mid-market which accounts for $13.2 billion."

Refer for the other part..

And views and opinions from our esteemed members are welcome ; )



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