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Boomeranging : The Latest HR Trend
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Dear All,

In abroad, it is called Boomranging. When an employee return to his/her previous company. It refers to the increasing trend of former employees returning to their old company. In an upbeat job market, Indian businesses too are not averse to hiring back valued employees who quit to join rival companies.

In a hugely competitive business environment, industry sources say, companies are increasingly willing to forgive and forget, employees who have strayed, in a manner of speaking. Companies like Samsung, Cadbury, Marico, Bharti Telecom are some companies who have taken back employees. Progressive firms around the country are working hard to keep track of valued former employees.

“Getting back employees has been a major focus area for us. Several employees have come back to rejoin our company. We are also constantly exploring opportunities to get them back mainly because they understand the company’s vision and plans,’’ said Pankaj Bhargava, HR chief, Marico.

An interesting read. This appeared in the Kolkatta edition of ET few months ago. Read rest of the aricle here..

Hope you enjoy reading the same..


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