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An engaged employee is a more productive employee

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An engaged employee is a more productive employee

Recently I read the Gallup Organization published research, I was astonished after reading this…what a scrutiny….

I just carried forward few of the thoughts from the research. I request the respected members to give their estimation…

The Gallup Organization published research proved that a more engaged employee is also a more productive employee. The research also proved, that a more engaged employee is also a more profitable employee, a more customer-focused employee, a safer employee, and an employee who is more likely to withstand temptations to jump ship and in turn it is also true that the longer employees stay with an organization, the less engaged they become.

Why are we so ineffective at engaging our people? And why, despite increasingly complex human resource systems, does the problem get worse the longer a person stays?

Asked more positively: What can we do to build a working environment that, over the course of an employee's tenure, creates higher levels of per-person productivity, customer service, employee retention, and safety and, underpinning it all, higher levels of employee engagement?

How much can we change a person after we hire him?

A person's recurring patterns of thought, of feeling and of behavior do not change significantly. If he is empathic when he is hired, he will stay empathic. If he is impatient for action when he is hired, he will stay impatient. If he is strategic, always asking "What if?", he will stay strategic. If he is competitive, he will stay competitive. Gallup labels these recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior talents, but whatever word you use -- such as traits, qualities, or characteristics -- science's perspective on them is clear: They don't change much after a person is hired.


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Re: An engaged employee is a more productive employee

Completely agree, engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave the company, hence reducing attrition. Few tips for Employee Engagement are

  • Firstly, identify correctly the problems that make the work place uninteresting for the employees.
  • Experiment – innovate to come up with effective and practical Employee Engagement activities.
  • Build a reproducible model with room for improvement – the Employee Engagement model should allow for realignment to any shift in the nature of the problems or culture.
  • An employee might have doubts regarding the alignment of his/her goals to that of the company’s. Encourage transparency and communicate the company’s goals and future plans via weekly sessions.
  • Schedule skip-level meetings or senior management interaction sessions, wherein the management helps the employees understand their role in the growth story of the company.
  • For more details, read

Employee productivity is also dependent on the work environment. They can be productive if the work environment allows them to flourish. To build productive work environments, read this

Lastly, Work-Life balance is important to keep employees engaged and productive. Steps must taken by companies to facilitate healthy work-life balance for employees. For some tips, read

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