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Practical Application of MBTI
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Chrm Message From: sonia_sharma Total Posts: 34 Join Date: 07/08/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 24/02/2008 10:21:47 Points: 170 Location: United States

Dear all,

I am looking at the practical application of MBTI in Organisations. Would anybody from the group who has undergone the certification be kind enough to guide me on the usage and areas where this tool can be used?

Thanks and Regards,


Chrm Message From: raghu Total Posts: 51 Join Date: 07/08/2007  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 24/02/2008 10:23:28 Points: 255 Location: United States


MBTI is used for team building, Leadership Development, Development Centre (Assessment Centre), Communication development, Salesmanship, Career Development (Planning), Role Effectiveness, Employee councelling, Organization Development (OD), Institution Development etc. It is not appropriate for recruitment. But some clients have used the tool for mid-stream recruitment as it may help in building leadership teams and matrix teams. Understanding large systems require understanding the personality of the members. From this point of view, I can say that this is an effective tool. If you want to use it as an evaluating tool, better don't think of it. For understanding human process to influence them and to develop them, it is an excellent tool based on Jungian Personality theory and well researched. As a person associated with the application of this tool for more than a decade and holding Charter Certification I can stand by what I say here.MBTI can be integrated any change/development intervention. MBTI goes very well with the instrument, FIRO-B. Many CEOs of reputed organizations and MNCs have found the instrument useful in facilitating organizational effectiveness.I will request you to clearly understand the facets of the tool and decide about its appropriateness for your requirements.

There are many qualified users in India. Since you wanted response from people who are certified in MBTI I have responded.


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