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Training tests to measure effectivenes
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Chrm Message From: asif Total Posts: 22 Join Date: 18/06/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 18/06/2008 22:26:01 Points: 110 Location: United States

Dear All,

I need your assistance as I am organizing Training for Communication Skills (written & oral) at my office.

The objective is to enhance the communication skills. We also need to identify the effectiveness & quality of the Training provided.

Areas for
Written communication skills
1. Writing messages / replying back to the principals.
2. Communicating with clients / principals.
3. Emphasis in grammar. Putting forward things in a right manner to customer

Oral Communications
Improve vocabulary to express him/ her well

I need help to prepare & design 2 separate tests for Written & Oral

Can there be a test for Oral Communications (Vocabulary)?

Pre Test
To those identified for Training.- it will reflect where our staff stands before receiving training.

Post Test
To those who received Training.- it will reflect where our staff stands after receiving training.

The difference between the results of these tests will reflect the effectiveness of training.

I shall sincerely appreciate any help & advice from all.

Please help me at the earliest.


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