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Aligning Appraisal Date
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Chrm Message From: aladin Total Posts: 38 Join Date: 29/08/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 15/09/2008 23:44:02 Points: 190 Location: United States
Dear Friends

We want to align the date of appraisal and hence the increment of all employees w.e.f 01 Apr 2008 . We have decided that all those who have completed less than 6 months since last increment/appraisal will have to wait for the next cycle i.e 01 Apr 2009. But those who
have done more than 6 months but less than a year will get the increment as of 01 Apr 2008.

2. We are thinking of giving prorata increase to such employees .Is there a simple formula of doing this.Say for an employee who had done 8 months , can we calculate 8/12 xpercent increase recommended. Am I missing something obvious or is it simple but effective way of doing things.

3.PLEASE give me your inputs asap.


Chrm Message From: raghurami Total Posts: 8 Join Date: 29/08/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 27/05/2010 13:15:36 Points: 40 Location: United States

Dear Aladin,

As you rightly mentioned the formula in your quetion, that is the appropriate one and please go ahead with that


Raghu Rami reddy


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