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Psychometric tools for Recruitment
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Chrm Message From: garima Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 18/09/2008
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 18/09/2008 00:17:43 Points: 10 Location: United States

Hi All,

My company- we are into IT Solutions- has told me to find out a behavioral analysis tool for recruitment purposes. One of my HR batch mate was talking about Thomas Profiling & Predictive Index. But before I contact them & put-up to management, thought I could get some insights from you:

1. Are these tools very costly to implement? What factors do they base their price on?

2. How do those two tools compare against each other?

It would be very helpful if you also post your experiences on any of these tools- if you have used or are using them.

Thanx !


Chrm Message From: vijayhrdm Total Posts: 6 Join Date: 18/09/2008  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 27/01/2012 03:25:44 Points: 30 Location: United States

please visit for detailed information on different psychometric tests and subscribe for a FREE online psychometric test administration account (only for Companies, Institutes, Trainers and Consultants)

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