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Is HR Football b/w Employee &Top Level Mgmt ?
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Chrm Message From: affluenthr Total Posts: 23 Join Date: 07/06/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 01/10/2008 23:57:33 Points: 115 Location: United States

dear chrm team,

I would like to know due to less number of HR with that of techanical ,finance and production team makes all to treat HR as use and throw stuff even when he controls complete company enterents, fixes salary knowing the profit and loss of company and works under highest pressure level to get punched from top level and greivences from bottom level employee comments like ' stingy or selfish ' HR does not payed as expected. like soldier who dies between command of King and enemies . with out HR today no big organisation can grow or make wonders with control done from department within.

Tell your views how to protect HR in Esteem level or Salary norms yet to be framed properly

Chrm Message From: vchouhan Total Posts: 25 Join Date: 07/06/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 01/10/2008 23:58:48 Points: 125 Location: United States


HR is a clever, unselfish AGENT, who pools both employees and management for organizational benefits.....

V Chouhan

Chrm Message From: rajasekar Total Posts: 57 Join Date: 07/06/2007  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 02/10/2008 00:00:30 Points: 285 Location: United States


If i have to explain in plain footballing terms, then HR is like a midfielder who has to both defend and support his defenders and also act as supplier to the strikers, so that they can score goals to win and the victory is attributed to the team effort.

And war is won by surviving rather than dying, so a good HR is a person who can help win the war with mimimum casualities.

Chrm Message From: gunjan_kothari Total Posts: 14 Join Date: 07/06/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 02/10/2008 00:01:33 Points: 70 Location: United States

hi all

HR is the bridge between the employees and the organization where we facilitate by communicating and finding the solutions for grievancies.

to say " HR is the heart of the company"

Never be in a thought that u are a selfish agent.

To say Confidently and proudly its U (HR) are in the department that mainly thinks & works for employee satisfaction and then automatically for the organization satisfaction.