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DISC profiling

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DISC profiling

Dear friends,

can someone plz explain in detail abt this DISC profiling. exactly what it is. why it done and how!!

Thank You


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Re: DISC profiling

Hi Gargi,

Dr. William Moulton Marston developed the original design of this instrument. His extensive research in observable behavior lead not only to the development of DISC, but the polygraph (lie detector) and a book entitled, "The Emotions of Normal People" (1928) as well. He believed that the behavior of individuals is expressed out of four different categories.

They are:
Dominant : Aggressive Competitive Strong
Influencer : Outgoing, Charismatic, Sociable
Steadiness : Methodical, Patient, Steady
Compliance : Accurate, Prudent & Analytical

Dr. Marston believed that people will express one of four basic characteristics. They are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. A psychologist named Dr. Thomas Hendrickson then evolved the profiling system. It is now used in 30 countries and is available in 16 languages.

The individual being profiled is asked to choose statements that best describe them and statements that least describe them. From this information the analyst can provide insight about how this individual will handle various situations personally and professionally. DISC is proven in the business world, particularly for job placement, sales, and transition. Proper use of DISC will increase profitability, productivity, interpersonal relations and reduce tension and dissatisfaction among organizational environments.

Like MBTI & other psychometric tests, DISC too follows a similar philosophy...Before you can understand others, you must first understand yourself! By learning how you communicate with the world around you, you gain the ability to shift how you are communicating to be more productive and effective at home and in business.

Hope this helps...

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Re: DISC profiling

Disc profiling is not a measure of skills but its the measure of behavioural inventory at work and work related intelligence.

There are more than 3 theroies related to DISC but the famous one is by Prof. Marston's "theory of Emotions of Normal People" (1928). According to Prof. Marston's theory, there are four fundamental behavioural characteristics in every individual. These are Dominance (D), Influence over others (I), Steadiness (S) and Compliance (C) -- DISC. These characteristics are present in different proportions in each individual. This profiling checks whether the person is high or low in these for characteristics.

Dominance :

Characteristics of a person with high dominance :

Basic Fear = He hates failure
Motivation = Motivates by power and authority
Value to the organisation = They drive for results.

The one with high dominance will be driving, competitive, forceful, inquisitive, direct, self starter and assertive. The one with low dominance will be hesitant, mild, low decision need, non demanding and accomodatiing.

Think of the big bosses, most of the CEO's, good sales people, they are the onces with very high dominance.


Basic Fear= Rejection
Motivator = Public Praise
Value to the organisation = Team Player

The characteristics of this will be Influential, persuasive, friendly, verbally good, communicative, positive and they are people oriented ( Think of successful leaders, politicians... and people who spend more time near to the coffee/tea machines, with group of people listening to them :-) ) The one with low influence will be Reserved, reflective, suspicious, self conscious, probing, serious

Steadiness :

Basic Fear = Sudden Change,
Motivater = Security
Value to the organisation = Specialized functions

High Steadiness characteristics will be Dependable, delibrate, amiable, persistent, good listner and kind. These people pace of work will be slow. The one with low steadiness will be Mobile, alert, active, restless, demonistrative and his pace of work will be fast.

Compliance :

Basic Fear = Conflict
Motivator = SOP
Value to the organisation = Technical Functions

High compliance characterists will be compliant, systematic, careful, precise, accurate, perfectionist, logical and they are policy oriented. The one with low compliance will be Firm, persistant, stubborn, strong willed, independent, and these are not policy oriented.

You find hi complience mostly in financial people. Even HR guy can be successful if he is high in compliance.

The reports generated are similer in all the DISC profiling companies. Only the narration changes. It speaks about the candidates basic characteristics, strengths and limitations, his stress level, management capabilities, his decision making capabilities and etc

These are the four characteristics DISC profiling is based on. Total of 24 questions and 4 columns. Each question will have four english words. The individual is asked to think of himself at work ( only work) and mark M(Most) againest the word which suits his behaviour at work and L (Least) againest the word which he thinks the least behaviour of his at work. Total 24 M and 24 L will be obtained in 7 minutes. These are to be entered into the software and the required reports to be generated. This questionnaire is called as PPA Personal Profile Analysis.

If we are looking this to a particular position,the competencies for that should be drawn and those can be related to the candidates profile. For example, if the position is of Sales Executive. The common competencies are " Dominance", " Self Starter" , " Communication", " Work Faster", " Independent with out depending on others" . Then the profile should be of High Dominance, High Influence and Low Steadiness and Complience. This is how it can be used at the time of recruitment. One has to be certified in profiling to use the instrument, else it will be a sure disaster.

There are chances of losing good people at the time of recruitment, if the tool is not administered properly. This happens more than 40%. In the entry level People will be in pressure and tense at the time of interviews and they mark the word they think good, not the word that suits them. Some times, the words are little bit hard to understand. This one can be a good instrument if used at the higher level and at the times of assessments.

There are more than 8 companies workign with DISC profiling with little bit changes, but the end result will be the same. 

this is for your info :

Disc profiling used to be done manually but now the whole thing is bought into a software. Normally these companies sell the tests in UNITS. If i have to say about Thomas Profiling, they charge one unit = 105 Rs.

One Report = 18 Units = 1890 /- Rs ( This is the basic PPA report)
every other report = + 600 /- Rs.

If you are not certified in the disc profiling i suggest mbti, never try to use something which you are not comfortable in the recruitment area. If its the freshers i would say a big NO to use DISC. But its my idea. If you have any more doubts please free to mail me.

I tried to cover few things about disc profiling.  Any doubts always welcome...

Prof Tandon

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Re: DISC profiling

Hi Prof Tandon

Can you please clarify as to why DISC analysis shouls not be used for freshers.