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Dilemma !!!
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Chrm Message From: krish_shrikant Total Posts: 7 Join Date: 18/05/2008
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Dear professionals,

I work with a MNC as an HR Manager. I have a dual reporting, one to the Business Manager and another to the functional manager (HR Head) based at Singapore.

The Business Manager is responsible for my Performance Appraisal. The interactions with the functional manager is quite limited.

I get along well with the Business Manager and in the last couple of years really supported the organization in all aspects of HR. My rating has been quite good too.

However, I face the following issues :

1) The Business Manager does not approve any increase in the HR Headcount. He believes the Support Functions are non-revenue generating and must operate with minimal headcount. My numerous efforts to convince him to staff HR dept. adequately does not seem to be yielding the desired effect. The organization on the contrary is expanding and this pressurizes the HR team further and also impacts the Work-Life Balance negatively.

2) The Growth, the past few years have seen the organization grow rapidly, the Business Manager and some of the line employees have grown too. However, when it comes to the Support staff and growth, the Business Manager takes a cautious view. Many a times I have tried to broach him on this topic, however after a point it gets embarrasing. I do know he appreciates/values my contribution to the org growth, however his focus is more towards retaining the key line function employees who are critical to the business.

Efforts to involve functional manager have not yielded desired results.

Besides the above two, I have excellent rapport with the business and find the work environment very pleasant. Has anyone faced such a situation. Do let me know your thoughts.

Please share your views on this..