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Degree or Diploma in HR necessary ??
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Chrm Message From: Colin Max Total Posts: 12 Join Date: 01/02/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 09/10/2008 23:06:03 Points: 60 Location: United States


There is a question for all HR managers, hope I will get a positive reply, the question is, "Is it necessary to have a degree or diploma in HR to become an HR employee?"

Well I know that this a very off the track question, but what about those who have an extensive knowledge of HR, does a university or a business school need to validate a person whether he is capable of doing the job, or is it the HR manager who should see the potential in a candidate to be his team member, but this will lead to another question, what potential the HR manger see if wanted to; for example say his team needs a Recruiter,

What will the selection criteria?
What are the important things he need to consider apart from the desired HR diploma or degree needed.

I am asking these all to make a career path for myself and be ready to open my choices and knock on the opportunity rather waiting for opportunity to knock.

Hope that I am understood and will get answers what I required.

I am developing myself to be an HR employee although I am know working in HR but here we have boundaries, no exploration and all HR is just a processing machine and we all are processors.

Colin Max

Chrm Message From: tara Total Posts: 49 Join Date: 01/02/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 09/10/2008 23:07:28 Points: 245 Location: United States

The thoughts you evoke remind me of the duality of experience and education. Let me explain, it is my thought that each component is essential. Experience in a particular field or a particular job function has its benefits, i.e. on the job training and experiential learning. The result is operational knowledge. On the other hand education also serves as an essential component. In my opinion the acquisition of knowledge goes beyond experiential learning. Education reinforces the gestalt paradigm (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). Education in its true form is more than a regurgitation of facts and theory. It is a synaptic building block that allows the individual to master encoding, storing, and retrieving of processed information. Education allows the individual to develop consciousness and reasoning skills. I hope this helps.


Chrm Message From: praveen_mats Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 01/02/2007  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 06/05/2010 09:30:29 Points: 10 Location: United States
A Degree or a Diploma are links which facilitate in acquiring the desired skills to perform well in a particular field. What is crucial is whether the person has the desired skill-set or not, and not the means he has chosen to acquire it.

Praveen Mathur
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