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Headhunting Versus Poaching
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Chrm Message From: jigyasa Total Posts: 49 Join Date: 24/09/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 13/10/2008 22:23:19 Points: 245 Location: United States

Can someone throw more light on headhunting v/c poaching - the difference ?

Thanks in advance


Chrm Message From: sunil madan Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 24/09/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 13/10/2008 22:24:25 Points: 140 Location: United States

Headhunting differs from poaching in that, while head hunting is done by an recruitment firm from a pool of personnel from different organisations, poaching is done from a single one. e.g. if acme search firm calls up two persons from firm A, B, C, D and E and makes them an offer, it is called headhunting. If I leave firm A and invite my five ex-colleagues to join me in my new company, that is poaching.

Chrm Message From: tesmian Total Posts: 63 Join Date: 24/09/2007  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 13/10/2008 22:26:34 Points: 315 Location: United States


Looks technically correct but logically incorrect… there is a slight confusion, I guess. If you have seen…while handing over the JD to recruitment consultancy firm…we do mention that “these type of people you can get from X, Y or Z company; so kindly headhunt them for me”. So, that means,”Headhunting is a legal way of poaching”.

Suppose, I hired ABC person as a Team Leader in my company and along with him, he also brought his team…now, what will you call this as? This not poaching. If I am joining some MNO company wherein I have to make my team and if I am getting people those who have worked with me or those who are personally known to me to work with me…that is also not poaching. To me, that means “Getting people through Personal References”.

Any Comments.


Chrm Message From: durham Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 24/09/2007  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 14/10/2008 23:54:07 Points: 5 Location: United States


My Two Cents...

Headhunting is when you call into candidates and strike a conversation and get him interested in your opportunity.

Poaching is when you headhunt from your direct competition who works for the same client / skills.

When a candidate joins and he get his ex-colleagues to join the company that is called Employee Referral :-)