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Best Practices & Policies Benchmarking

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Best Practices & Policies Benchmarking

Hi all, I lead a team providing HR Support to one of the verticals in a Travel domain diversified company. I have been given the responsibility of benchmarking the
following four policies at Corporate level with the companies known for their Best Practices and Policies on:

1. Education (including Sabbaticals)
2. Leave/Holiday Policy
3. Employee Loans & Advances
4. Employee Travel Policy - Local, Domestic & International

I intend to cover the companies known for their best practices and well-defined policies from following industry:

1. Travel
2. IT/ITeS
4. Airline
5. Hotel/Restaurant Chain
6. Diversified Group Companies - like Bharti, Reliance, etc.

Could you please help me benchmarking against the best. Ideally I would like to have a copy of the policies as well. Please help!!! Thanks

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