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Organisational Climate ? What's that ?
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Organizational climate might be defined as the work environment and the effect it has on the morale, productivity, and motivation of the employees. The use of the word climate is appropriate. We know how great an effect the weather has on our mood and hence, our productivity. So it is with Organizational climate … it affects every employee.

The organizations have a psychological climate that might be described as the perceptions, feelings, and expectations that people have about their organization and work environment. Productivity and morale are higher when the psychological climate is positive, much more so than in negative psychological climates where much human energy is spent complaining, playing games, spreading rumors, and engaging in activities that produce “cognitive dissonance,” or mental conflict between perceptions of self-worth and organizational worth.

Key topics of the survey:
Clarity of goals
Job interest and challenge
Rewards and satisfactions
Standards of excellence
Degree of responsibility
Personal development
Working relationships
Advancement / mobility
Job security
Managements credibility
Personnel policies and procedures

Gain insights into:
Strengths of the organization
Weaknesses of the organization
Opportunities for the future
Threats perceived
Differences in perception
Actions to be taken

Learn and make a sincere effort to understand the climate in your organisation so as to prevent attrition as well as to create a motivational environment. People should love to work in your organisation and understanding the climate is a key step in this direction.

Wish you a healthy climate


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