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You Dont Need A Formal Position To Make Things..
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A leader or manager should not wait to be asked to get involved in a business issue that interests them, but should instead be proactive and identify partners who can help to mobilize momentum around the subject. A common agenda can be effectively advanced without formal boards, bodies or commissions.

- You don't always have to wait until you are in a particular role within your company, or on a certain board, to initiate your ideas. Take the initiative for yourself, in your current role, to instigate change within your own department and lead by example.
- Identify partners, allies and peers throughout your career and continually network within and outside your current industry – you never know when you may need to call upon them for assistance.
- Think big and be prepared to make a splash; don't wait to be asked to speak out on an issue.
- If you are not the CEO but want to change a company remember three key points for consideration: demonstration, collaboration and education.
- Getting feedback and opinions from your colleagues, peers and experts are essential tools at the start of the change process.

Action Plan

- Arrange regular networking events - ideally outside of work hours - to encourage peers and contacts to discuss their own issues and agendas away from the constraints of the working environment.
- If you are passionate about a particular business issue, conduct a survey among your industry colleagues to gage current thinking and opinion. Collate the results and present them to your manager.
- If you're collaborating with partners, think big. Don't just consider contacts inside your company, consider other businesses in other cities or countries that may want to get involved.
- Research the needs and behaviors of different businesses, company cultures and regions around the world so that you are aware of the best way to approach new contacts.
- Encourage regular brainstorming ideas sessions among middle management to identify and initiate necessary changes before the company stagnates and issues become an obstacle to growth.



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