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Fraud in C.V.
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Chrm Message From: subramani Total Posts: 30 Join Date: 07/06/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/01/2009 07:13:18 Points: 150 Location: United States

Hi HR professionals,

One quick question or case study.

I recruited a professional in Operations Team without referral check (basically I don’t believe in it). His C.V shows around 4 years experience and that’s what I required for the position. Now the turning point comes. Upon incidentally meeting up with his old boss I came to know that he’s having only two years experience and he belonged to the HR team and not the operations. But while recruiting him during skill testing he was able to answer all the questions related to operations on the basis of which we recruited him (smart guy). Now it’s almost two months and still we don’t have any complaint against the person as he’s still in the learning phase given to him under grace period.


What can be the possible outlook / solution for this kind of scenario? Trust me I don’t like throwing people out of my organization. Please do not tell me to do referral henceforth recruiting. Need guidance on this issue.


Chrm Message From: biswajit.sirohi Total Posts: 15 Join Date: 07/06/2008  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/01/2009 07:14:23 Points: 75 Location: United States

Interesting case study !!

I believe referral checks by the agencies do not serve the purpose in many cases. I have personally answered many referral cases over the phone where they ask you stereo-type questions with answers and you have to say YES/NO. Corporates use such agencies to satisfy their records and it does not bring any value beyond this.

On the other hand, if you recruit a guy based on interview/test performance, as happened in your case, and if he performs to your satisfaction, you should encourage him. Probably, we was an under-performer in his earlier job where his potential was not utilized properly and he is able to do justice to his role in your company.

Let us hear from other HR folks what they have to say?

Chrm Message From: adroit Total Posts: 22 Join Date: 07/06/2008  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/01/2009 07:15:35 Points: 110 Location: United States

Dear Subramani,

Irrespective of your thoughts him knowing all the Operation answers in the skills test ans thus being a "smart guy" and no complaint regarding him so far, i feel its about time to make him aware that you are aware of his past experience without disclosing your sources and if he wants to give any explaination.

The reason being that his previous boss could have a malicious intent and we should show faith and trust in a person who is our employee and therefore he at leaves deserves a chance to be asked for an explaination. On receiving it you may further consider the matter.



Chrm Message From: rajeshroy Total Posts: 55 Join Date: 07/06/2008  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 19/01/2009 07:16:58 Points: 275 Location: United States

Subramani & friends,

Any profession / business has to follow it's own ethic / moral code while transacting business. An organisation has as much it's own ethic to follow. Why not put a few questions to oneself(since you preferred to term it as a "case study") viz. Is competence / excellent performance without or at the expense of morals / integrity acceptable in the Company in which one works?

What kind of an example is being set by the person fudging his CV to peers, subordinates, & bosses alike ( 'qualified' deception & deliberate falsehood can be tolerated at work to the extent there is no tangible loss to the Company & as long as one is smart enough to accomplish the tasks assigned)?

What are the professed / explicity declared values of the Company to it's customers, shareholders, & employees regarding it's business, & in the event of a conflict between it's business interests & business ethic(values) which one would prevail? I'm sure everyone in this forum can reflect on these & similar questions besides the answers that
could be shared for a brainstorming session.


Chrm Message From: Menaka Total Posts: 24 Join Date: 07/06/2008  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/01/2009 07:20:10 Points: 120 Location: United States

In my opinion there is only one option:

You need to be doubly sure that he has manipulated the information in CV. If it is true that the employee has hidden some information and projected false information however the smart guy may be, it is matter of integrity !!!!!!!!

On integrity issue, I do not suggest to take any chance. Showing 2 years of experience as 4 years of experience is simply not acceptable on any grounds. In my opinion in this case most befitting action would be showing him exit door !!!

Friend of All,


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