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Decision making - Job Change
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Chrm Message From: zaal Total Posts: 18 Join Date: 19/12/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 28/01/2009 08:50:30 Points: 90 Location: India

Hi There,

Just need your advise on a professional decision:

Company A is a company which is a well known and well established company but caters to the masses and is in the volumes business hence has over 2000 people working for it.Promises you something but doesn't stand by the same.Anyhow you are happy with it and not really looking for a change since things are working out just fine for you and you are performing so beginning to make a mark in the management's eyes.

The work atmosphere is such that you even have to pay attention to what you wear and the company works like an anarchy, you can't make your own decisions, you are a part of the crowd even though you have made a mark.

Company B is a company which is probably 1/4th the size of company A but caters to a very niche segment and you have worked with the same earlier in fact learnt the nitty gritties of the business from them.Has very high profile clients and they are the one's who keep approaching you back every time they have an opening and it has reached a stage where they would agree to all your demands and give you a better deal as well.

Work atmosphere is very comfortable beside no one has left since the company's inception.Downside is it isn't a very well known brand since it doesn't cater to the masses so people really don't know about it.Also it is like a one man show where you directly report to the MD hence your efforts are recognised and appreciated.

I want to know what would you suggest would you still stick to company A since at the end of the day it is a company or would you move to company B since you were always really happy working there and worked better and harder, even if it is like working for an individual importer or distributor?

Please help me with this since there is no one really from my trade who can help me make a decision.

Thanks a ton

Chrm Message From: reshma bora Total Posts: 17 Join Date: 19/12/2008  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 28/01/2009 08:51:34 Points: 85 Location: India

Very Interesting zaal - what are you comparing here is a start up versus a big company and the jobs in the same way. I would think your decision should be based on your career growth. If you want to rise in your life you should join the big company add the big company name to your resume and a year or two move out. It is obvious that you like the start up culture better than you like the big company culture ( the way you have written your email and compared the two companies). Of course this is just a suggestion, the rest is your decision.


Chrm Message From: vishalb Total Posts: 49 Join Date: 19/12/2008  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 28/01/2009 08:52:23 Points: 245 Location: India
it depends on your career priorities...

each have their upsides and downsides.

had I been in your position I would definitely opts for Company B as there's where action lies.

nothing satisfies a man more than creating a legacy and leaving a mark...

have a great day!
Chrm Message From: srini Total Posts: 163 Join Date: 19/12/2008  
Rank: Leader Post Date: 29/01/2009 10:35:30 Points: 815 Location: India

I think if i was given a choice i would have gone for company B as athe end of the day its not the company(Brand / Non Brand) its the mental peace and recognition which counts.

Why should we go for a Brand name -just to tell some people in society that ,see m working for such a big brand it will be just a two minutes game, but for those two minutes i will not sacrifice my happiness.

I faced the same situtaion -4 mths back i was working for a very Big Brand as HR officer but there i got no recognition apart working smartly, lot of office politics played against me and some employees - this made me to go for a change but everytime i made up my mind the Brand Name and Government sector made me biased. i tolerated all that for one and half year at last i left and joined other Co. where m working as Manager HR, and now i feel that ishould have taken this decision one year back.

In short i'll just suggest the way the things are presented Co. B is a gud option.


Chrm Message From: rehaan Total Posts: 69 Join Date: 19/12/2008  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 29/01/2009 10:36:47 Points: 345 Location: India

Dear Zaal,

Look at the following aspects before you take a decision

1. If no one has left your org B then how come you left. There should have been some reasons which made you leave that org. Check if the same situation still exists or could recur.

2. Look at the org which gives you a brand image as well as learning and growth opportunity.

3. Another point is the more the number of people the more the issues. And your exposure will be more (This is applicable if you are in HR).

4. You can always earn salary but Job satisfaction is much more important.

5. In org B you had mentioned it is a one man show. This has got its on advantages and disadvantages. Many of the orgs having one man show are not professionally managed.

Take all this into considerations before taking a decision.



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