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Employee enagagement activity - Start process

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Employee enagagement activity - Start process

HI All,

I am working in Construction consultant company as an HR.

I am handling employee engagement activity for employees.

we have all simillar kind of activities which every organization does. i want to start one new activity (i name it as Management gyan)

In this my idea is to send emails to employees once / twice in a week. mails can be related to . Emails sharing, knowledge sharing / lighthearted articles to employees which can help them to grow personally and professionaly.

Idea is to touch their heart, so they can feel that organization is caring for their personal growth. (articles can like: How to live life more happily
Professionalism=more than just doing your job, Few tips to become good professional and good human being,Bhagvadh gita & management techniques,real based stories)

But i am not geting way /process to start this activity. Kindly guide me for How to start this activity ?, Should I take session with employees to introduce this activity ? OR

if anyone has some diffrent ideas please help me out.