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Life in the Corporate World

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Life in the Corporate World

Dear professionals,

Have you ever wondered what happened to the grace of God in the ruthless evil beings you meet in the corporate. You assume that they must have some grace. They have spouses, children that love them and most likely find some good in them. How can there be such a disconnect between the behaviors they exhibit in the workplace and the person they are to t their loved ones. If their spouses could have a glimpse of who they are at work would they still be able to love them? If their children knew what they did, how they treated others would they still admire them? Why is it that otherwise reasonable human beings think that they are obligated or could get away will sins and evils in the corporate world that they'd never allow themselves to commit at home? The necessity to make life tolerable still exists at work. Ambition and the need for advancement don't explain everything.

Corporations have rules and policies that structure life in that environment. Many of these rules ostensibly are intended to create a more pleasant work environment. For the most part they are legitimate and necessary. At times they are disingenuous and promote a culture of mistrust and hypocrisy. Leadership does have a big role in the corporate culture. In any case, it is always up to the individuals in that environment to create a humane, genuinely enjoyable workplace. So why do so many still experience such anguish and such horrors in the corporate world? Darkness is always lurking looking for opportunities to misbehave and diminish grace in our own souls. The corporate world provides us with excuses to accept these invitations and provides a structure where we pass accountability for being good to someone else: those that make the rules, our bosses, the employee manual, expectations for our performance, the competitive environment, and on and on... All of that creates conditions where we willingly and habitually commit evils and get away with it: bosses towards employees, employees towards one another, company towards customers.

In management-employee relations too often there is double standard in the opportunities, right to advancement, autonomy, quality of the workspace, at times workload, lately in the hiring and dismissal practices, leading to a culture of mistrust and hypocrisy. Corporations have flat organizations but there are lots of bosses on the management side with career paths of higher and higher visibility and bigger job titles. Managers are taught to create a latent state of fear to promote performance. Employers pretend to be unable to provide higher quality workspace to keep costs down, workspaces that can't possibly make employees that go home to something more pleasant feel good about spending their entire day in that environment. Employees with the most humble means make every effort to have dwellings that are enjoyable. Employers have an obligation to give them a workspace of a reasonable standard in the size of space allocated to them, the cleanliness, the comfort, and even the visual appeal. There are creative ways to meet these obligations while keeping costs down. It is a fact of life that employees earn less for their efforts, management roles being considered more valuable. To compensate for that, employers should do more to make employees happy to put in their best effort. One more point on this topic, employment is considered at will nowadays. As a condition of employment, employees are asked to make a lot of commitments (exclusivity, non- competition), give up a lot of rights (privacy, ownership of work), are given no guarantees and at dismissal are treated irresponsibly and/or without respect, the excuses there being company finances forcing dismissal, concerns for security demanding that this be done in speedy impersonal ways, etc... While they are expected to give ample notice and help with a smooth transition should they choose to move on, they aren't given as much consideration when dismissed.

For the most part grievances about the corporate life have to do with the way employees treat each other. There is too much undermining, maligning, gossiping, off-loading, much of it needless, much of it at times for mediocre gains. There are also too much disingenuous superficial friendships. There is something not right about fake friendships in the workplace. We must all learn to be real in relating to others always. This takes courage because the superficial friendships make it easier to end these relationships. But we'd grow ore as individuals if we made it a goal to be real. Life at home within families would be unbearable with the behaviors described earlier. People also consider themselves to be God-fearing and know what is expected of them in relating to their family members, their friends and acquaintances. No one told them that the same standards apply in the workplace. You can't be two people: one at home and one at work. It should be possible to be a whole, decent person everywhere while reserving most of your love and affections for those dear to you.

Today's philosophy within the corporate world is too much about deceiving the customer: in the value delivered, in the quality of products or services. At times this goes as far as cheating the customer with imaginary value. For businesses this could be with the products that they buy only to comply with regulations. For consumers this often is with business models where companies pay themselves without providing them anything or where companies join efforts to limit competition and dictate inflated prices. Companies no longer need to keep consumers happy to have their business and they show no obligation to do so by being honest, truthful, pleasant, competent, dedicated.

If each person brought to their corporate life the core values taught to them life in the corporate world wouldn't bring so much needless sorrow. Here are a few thoughts about qualities to strive for while in corporate America.

• Truth & Honesty. We don't really have the luxury to give up truth in our day jobs, whether this be in the reasons we give employees for certain company policies, or in the information we tell others about a coworker, or what we tell a customer is the reason for a problem in a product or a service. Our day job is where we spend most of our life and is where we must work at being who God wants us be.

• Honesty. We must also remember that today's business environment makes it too easy for us to be crooks without breaking the law. MBA programs train for this and make it acceptable to be that way. Only if we are challenged to put aside common practices and look at certain business models in the light of long forgotten values or of God's teachings do we recognize the dishonesty.

• Charity & Compassion. We have love in our hearts for our family. What we must remember is that we aren't being as much and as ig as we can if with the same heart we allow ourselves to lack charity or compassion in the workplace. We must grow to the point where we only have capacity to show love and where we are unable to harm or be indifferent to the pain of others.

• Sincerity & Genuineness. Within the corporate world people should be allowed to work at being likable and be free to like who they choose. Employers should keep that in mind in the initiatives they adopt to promote "team-spirit". Too much is forced and too much is fake in these initiatives. There are real ways to have employees see the human side of each other and begin to like each other.

• Patience & Understanding. We expect performance of ourselves and of others. It's important to make it known when performance needs improving. We must do so with tact and look at the response. If there is a real attempt to fix things we should show patience and be understanding and motivate in this way better performance in the future. These qulities are needed not only when dealing with performance but also with interpersonal differences. We should make it our obligation to be patient and understanding and not necessarily expect it of others. We might over time inspire them to imitate us.

• Goodness. We should strive to be sort of corporate citizens that people know are harmless. We are approachable, are helpful, do not malign, do not gossip, do our part to oppose evils by not joining in or by dissuading evil-mongers.

• Kindness. This quality isn't always rewarded but might always have an effect. Whether or not is accepted and appreciate right away, it is remembered and sought again. We most certainly make life better for many by being kind and by helping to create a collaborative, pleasant, comfortable, clean environment.

• Humility. High performance and ambition aren't incompatible with humility. Managers should reward those who know their stuff, are high performers but show meekness. They have no need for boasting and don't step on others or undermine them to get things done. This would make a big difference particularly within organizations where competition is unavoidable. A tolerable work environment in these organizations can only be possible if abrasive, destructive attitudes are discouraged.

• Faithfulness. A personal philosophy that can help give a sense of direction to one's corporate life is faithfulness, a sense of dedication, to a company, a boss, coworkers, customers. This can be to them where possible or to what is due to them: performance, reliability, respect. We can gain a lot of pride in that faithfulness, and a sense of purpose and usefulness.

• Joy. We aren't all gifted with the grace to bring merriment everywhere we go. But we should at least make it an obligation to not spoil someone's day and when we can bring good cheer and help brighten their day.

• Peace. We should when necessary do our part to promote peace: stopping gossip, preventing or helping to resolve conflicts.

We are all children of God but think that in the corporate world we don't always have to be who God commands us to be. We might reach a stage of personal growth where we see the need to be better or we might wait for the time when we are forced out of that environment to abandon bad behaviors. Regardless, if we don't bring the values of our faith to work, we miss good opportunities to grow and prove to ourselves and to God that we are His. We simply go on throughout our career sinning against each other in the name of professional advancement.

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Re: Life in the Corporate World

Dear Tania,

Really appreciate your article, only would like to add one thought of mine, that its not only there in the corporate world, you will find so called politics, disloyalty, lies, double standards, dishonetly,............etc, in every sphere of life.

So, i feel its not only in corporate world, its there in all relationships and dealings of life, example, relationships - be it husband & wife, children & parents, brothers, brother sister, friends, corruption in system - all govt. or private the moment one become truthful to self, one start applying the so called honesty and truth in the self actions, the joy and peace will generate automatically and then we all would be able to bring in ethics in our code of conduct, be it home, office, public place or in any part of the world.




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Re: Life in the Corporate World

Dear Tania,

An excellent article to read and reflect! I just wish to add  on the lines of thought that we also have to be forgiving : delibrately avoid harming the person -physically,mentally or emotionally who at some point may have already harmed us! It such a strange corporate world with its own rules  but the truth is that we all are a part of it. Some one rightly remarked that here pain of one becomes pleasure or advantage for others..

Take care