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Level wise list of Competencies

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Level wise list of Competencies

Dear HR team,

Here is a list of Competencies which can be better developed through means other than training programmes

Supervisor - Level Competencies

1) Positive Attitude
Is positive in his outlook towards work and the environment in general. Enthusiastic in accepting new initiatives / challenges and demonstrates a feeling of optimism and energy.

2) Functional Knowledge
Has a good grasp of his job and related processes. Can evaluate job related information for its practical application.

3) Interpersonal Skills
Involves others, interacts effectively and is a committed team member. Understands others and is able to deal with them effectively. Shares information and ideas and seeks to resolve conflicts.

4) Self Empowerment
Is confident, decisive and action-oriented. Assumes ownership and responsibility for the job. Is committed, resilient and energetic and has a clear sense of what needs to be done.

5) Analytical Ability
Is able to identify and diagnose key issues, seek relevant information, draw accurate conclusions / inferences in order to find the appropriate solution.

6) Adaptability
Is open and adapts to different situations quickly. Accepts change willingly.

7) Improvement Orientation
Seeks, suggests and implements new ideas for continuous improvements. Can think, think, think of innovative (think out of box), multiple options.

Executive – Level Competencies

1) Planning & Organising/ Self Management
Identifies and prioritises resources, anticipates constraints, work scheduling and mobilises resources so as to achieve the targets/goals. Is personally organised and systematic.

2) Problem Solving/Analytical Skills
Overcomes problems and obstacles through systematic analysis and balanced decision-making. Seeks all relevant information and finds the optimal solution.

3) Interpersonal Skills/Team Working/Conflict Resolution (Interpersonal Skills)
Is an effective and committed team member? Understands other people and relates effectively to them. Shares information and ideas and seeks to resolve conflicts.

4) Self Empowerment (Action Orientation)
Confident, decisive and action-oriented. Assumes ownership and responsibility for his job. Is committed and energetic and has a clear sense of what needs to be done.

5) Creativity/Flexibility
Is open and adaptable. Looks at situations creatively and finds new solutions.

Middle Management – Level Competencies

1) Listening/ Summarising (Networking)
Collects, interprets and shares information effectively. Interacts, liases and builds relationships with a diverse range of parties both internal and external to the organisation.

2) Motivation/Caring
Creates an urge in an employee to achieve specific objectives. Shows genuine concern and respect and are sensitive to employees' needs. Is committed to supporting and protecting staff.

3) Empowering/ Development of Subordinates
Creates an environment where people have the confidence to assume responsibility and ownership of the job. Supports ongoing feedback and development and helps staff to realise their full potential through appropriate interventions.

4) Improvement Orientation
Keeps own skill set up to date and is proactive in ensuring the implementation of new and better ways of achieving desired objectives. Ensures that learning is shared and that quality is maintained and improved upon.

5) Integrity/Drive
Fully internalises the organizations philosophy of doing business and acts as a role model and example. Is committed to the job and works hard for the long term good of the organisation. Takes on responsibility and accepts challenges.

6) Specialist Knowledge
Has a good grasp of a wide range of operational issues and demonstrates good technical project skills. Keeps updated on new developments, theories and methods and continuously expands his knowledge base. Capable of conducting research in a specialist area.

7) Influencing & Persuading
Makes an impact and puts his/her ideas and views across clearly. Establishes credibility, gains acceptance and converts resistance to acceptance.

Senior Management – Level Competencies

1) Influencing
Is able to impact upon, gain the acceptance of, and effect behaviour changes in individuals, groups and large audiences either through directly presentational skills or liasing, networking and indirect influence.

2) Resource Optimisation/Work Process Orientation
Plans effectively to make the best possible use of the existing resources. Optimises the workflow and ensures effective integration and alignment with other related processes. Sets goals and objectives, monitors progress and responds rapidly when required.

3) Stress Management (People Management)
Shows genuine concern for staff and takes responsibility for their welfare and development. Seeks to improve and optimise man-management processes and the working environment.

4) Multi-functionality
Has a complete overview of the operation and business area. Understands the specific operational components and diverse functional responsibilities and ensures their smooth integration

5) Leadership in adversity (Leadership by Example)
Motivates, inspires, influences and pushes people to attain organisational and project goals. Leads by example and delegates effectively

6) Learning Facilitation/ People Process Orientation (Organisation Development Orientation)
Initiates and supports a continuous process of increasing the skill base and systems and process improvement. Makes optimal utilization of various people management techniques for effective recruitment, reward and development.

7) Integrity
Fully internalizes the organizations philosophy of doing business and acts as a role model and example. Does whatever he/she believes to be right in spite of pressures to the contrary

Would the team out here want to add more to this..