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Forming Contract Policy under Contract Labour
Human Resources » Industrial Law & Discipline

Chrm Message From: lipika Total Posts: 17 Join Date: 06/03/2009
Rank: Executive Post Date: 12/03/2009 09:26:39 Points: 85 Location: Afghanistan

Hello every one, can some one please send me the essentials as to what all needs to be included while forming the policy for hiring workmen throug a contractor.For example, the policy has to include clauses related to compliance under:

1. minimum wages act
2. esic act
3. pf act
4. Mlwf act

what other clause needs to be included! please let me know ASAP!

Thanks in advance


Chrm Message From: srini Total Posts: 163 Join Date: 06/03/2009  
Rank: Leader Post Date: 12/03/2009 09:28:04 Points: 815 Location: Afghanistan

You may also consider inclusion of other vital statutes such as:

Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act
Payment of Wages Act
Payment of Bonus Act
Factories Act

Inclusions of various clauses such as the following have to be incorporated in the policy such as:

Payment of wages to the workmen of the contractor within the stipulated time period as provided under the law Regular updation and Maintenance of various registers such as Muster-cum-wage register, O.T., Advances, Leave etc by the contractor and submission of the same for inspection as & when required.

Maintenance of Muster-cum-attendance card on a monthly basis or for the days worked during the month. Copy of licence under the Contract Labour (R&A) Act. in case of more than 20 workmen under the contractor.

Working hours during the workmen of the contractors are required to work in your establishment. Rate of O.T. payable to the workmen Maintenance of discipline & decorum by the workmen of the contractor while on the premises of your establishment etc. and workmen to be free of any contagious disease/illness /injury and within the prescribed age as specified under the law.

The above clauses are required to be incorporated as "general terms and conditions of work" from the H.R. angle apart from the various other clauses with regards to the legal and safety angle applicable to your establishment. The other clause that needs to be mentioned is that the contract shall be terminated on breach of any of the clauses of the "general terms and conditions of work".

Hope this meets your requirement.


Chrm Message From: kp22 Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 06/03/2009  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 29/06/2009 05:55:12 Points: 5 Location: Afghanistan

Pls Refer Following details for Contract labour act.

1.Form I Application For Registration of Establishments employing contract labour Rule 17(1)
2. Form II Certificate Of Registration Rule 18(1)
3.Form III Register Of Establishments Rule 18(3)
4.Form IV Application For Licence Rule 21(1)
5. Form V Form Of Certificate By Principal Employer Rule 21(2)
6. Form V-A Application for the adjsutment of security deposit Rule 24(1-A)
7. Form VI Form of licence granted by the Office Of the licensing officer Rule 25(1)
8. Form VI-A Notice of Commencement/ Completion Of Contract Work by the licencee Rule 25(2)(viii)
9. Form VI-B Notice Of Comencement/ Completion of contract work by the employer for each contractor Rule 81(3)
10. Form VII Application for renewal of licences Rule 29(2)
11 .Form VIII Application for temporary registration of establishments employing contract labour Rule 32(2)
12. Form IX Temporary Certificate Of Registration Rule 32(3)
13. Form X Application for temporary Licence Rule 32(2)
14. Form XI Temporary Licence Rule 32(3)
15. Form XII Register Of Contractors Rule 74
16. Form XIII Register of Workmen employed by the contractor Rule 75
17. Form XIV Employment Card Rule 76
18 .Form XV Service Certificate Rule 77
19 .Form XVI Muster Roll Rule 78(1)(a)(i)
20. Form XVII Register Of Wages Rule 78(1)(a)(i)
21. Form XVIII Register Of Wages cum Muster Roll Rule 78(1)(a)(i)
22 .Form XIX Wage Slip Rule 78(1)(b)
23. Form XX Register of deductions for damage or loss Rule 78(1)(a)(ii)
24 Form XXI Register Of Fines Rule 78(1)(a)(ii)
25. Form XXII Register Of Advances Rule 78(1)(a)(ii)
26. Form XXIII Register Of Overtime Rule 78(1)(a)(iii)
27. Form XXIV Return to be sent by the contractor to the licensing officer Rule 82(1)
28. Form XXV Annual Return Of Principal Employer to be sent to the Registering Officer Rule 82(2)

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