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Mentoring - Some Observations
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Chrm Message From: srini Total Posts: 163 Join Date: 18/07/2006
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Hi Everybody,

It is interesting to note that mentoring is being taken up by a lot of companies seriously.

However, having worked on mentoring and coaching during my internship, I have a few observations to make in it's implementation

1: Have a orientation session for future mentors
2: possible topics include listening, counselling, mentoring, do's and don'ts
3: include "what's in it for me"s also
4: do not try and influence them earlier. But get a list of their expectations in advance
5: More than a HR initiative, make it one that they anchor themselves. Action planning is useful in this regard.
6: make top management buy-in very very visible.
7: Do not make it look like another task for them. Instead make it a part of life, by, making the mentors anchor the whole programme (possibly for a e-group) and just go to HR for their requirements.
8: have a review programme after 2 months
9: DO NOT CALL the prgrm "mentoring". Brand it.


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