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Middle Earth Consultants Pvt Ltd
Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager
A two day training program (non-residential)
On 29th and 30th April At Bangalore

The Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India in association with Middle Earth Consultants.

The overall aim of the program is to make the candidate have a good understanding and knowledge of compensation & benefits. In other words to equip the HR professional with the importance of compensation & benefits such that they are able to understand the intricacies of compensation & benefits plans, basic reward system, global trends in compensation & benefits and is able to link pay with performance for better planning. This program would equip the professionals with the skill and knowledge so that he/she is able to:
• Understand what benefits the employees are entitles to
• Understand the various kinds of tax laws and its prerequisites
• Learn the impact of culture and collective bargaining on compensation & benefits
• Understand the elements of compensation
• Create a total compensation plan
• Develop and administer benefit plans
• Be able to link pay to performance
• Set up incentive pay plan for the organization

Who should attend?
Senior HR executives and professionals who develop and administer the compensation and benefits plan in an organization.

Course Overview:
MODULE 1: Understanding compensation & benefits environment
• Legal issues
• Effects of social demographics/cultural issues

MODULE 2: Basics of reward systems
• Theories and constituents
• Cafeteria plans
• Flexible pay plans

MODULE 3: Basic competency planning
• Elements
• Creating plan
• Revising plan
• Executive pay

MODULE 4: Benefits practices
• Composition
• Developing benefit plan

MODULE 5: Building pay for performance & incentive schemes
• Linking pay to performance
• Administering variable pay schemes
• Setting up pay plans

For more details on the modules and the methodology, the fees and the trainer's profile as well as the feedback,

Kindly contact me on 099122 33012 or write to

Visit our website


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