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Do celebrations, parties fall under aegis of HR ?

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Do celebrations, parties fall under aegis of HR ?

Dear All,

As an HR professional I would expect HR to be serious and to be taken seriously. Yes I know, our specialization does suffer from some pre-conceived notions that we are not much of a value-add.

However even in organizations with a stong HR team, HR is still expected to celebrate birthdaysm organize parties etc. It may fall under Employee Engagement but none the less, doesn't HR have enough to do? Can't we expand our role & the perception of our role from just being Party creators to being serious value-creating professinals?

My question to all of you is- What is your stand on this? Should fun and games be the work of HR or of the Corporate Communications/ Admin Team?Is it the work of HR?

How is it actually practiced and seen in your orgnizations? Please do let me know

April 4, 2009 01:392
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Re: Do celebrations, parties fall under aegis of HR ?

Dear HR Friends,

Yes, I agree, HR need to come out of regular and routine activities.

Corp Communications has a different role altogether as they are the spokesperson for the organization besies, Internal communication like In-house magazine etc., are their forte.

In most companies admn is a part of HR. No doubt, HR conceives the idea and take the help admn to carry out the employee engagement function like Fun and games. Corp Communciations can brand it well for good participation.

Have a nice day,


April 6, 2009 06:383
Jyoti Rani
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Re: Do celebrations, parties fall under aegis of HR ?

Dear David,

I agree with you, have some points to share,

1. where there's is no resource in HR team for such employee engagement activities there HR have to take care of such get together activities and

2. there is a strategy for such implementation of activities as its related with employee and the whole HR cycle revolves around an employee.

what do you think ?


July 23, 2009 02:364
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Re: Do celebrations, parties fall under aegis of HR ?

Hey Buddies.

                     Well said By Jyoti..i too Endorse With the Fact that HR is Nothing but By the People For the People and Of the People...we value Human As a Resource and Unlike Other departments that Focus Just on thier Own Targets and Deadlines Streaming and Striving for d companys Growth and Advancement..what for the Employees who are the soul source of taking the Organizations on Front..every Employee who contributes for the Growth should Be Recognised and Make them and their Occasion Memorable...HR Department is for the people and  the Celebrations, events and Parties should be taken care by them..the Department that Hovers Just for the people Must take Extra Care having the Occasions and Make the Resources Treasurable and Satisfied..though employees are Away from family and Friends this Kind of parties and Celebrations would Keep them on Rhythemic Tandem ..that is even More Great for an Organization...

July 24, 2009 03:325
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Re: Do celebrations, parties fall under aegis of HR ?

Hi David,

Yes you are correct!!! This will fall under HR bucket as it has to with employees. These are kinds of employee engagement programs that are follwed by organizations to boost employee morale. However, again this can be delegated to the junior level management people in HR. As you move up the ladder, you have concentrate on aligning HR as a strategic business unit to the organization. This is how we can accentuate HR role in an organization. Else, we will be meant to celebrate birthdays and organize get-together parties and intra team sports competitions at our workplaces.

we have to bring the change. The senior level management must do more than just heading staffing and administration departments. We must focus on what role can HR play to increase the overall  business efficiency. And believe me, HR is growing is at a facer pace than any other function. this is the right chance to grab our share of opportunity and show to the people that we are capable of much more than staffing ( which again is not everyone's job as it takes lots  of analysis and patience to place the right candidate in the right job) and other mundane tasks.



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