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Contractual employees or BA T&C
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Chrm Message From: sonia_sharma Total Posts: 34 Join Date: 07/08/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 28/06/2009 07:02:04 Points: 170 Location: United States

Dear Friends,

I am a recruiter for a UK based software firm, located at chennai. I need help with regard to hiring of contractual employees (CE's)or a Business associates (BA).

1.What is the criteria used in selecting and hiring a CE's (Contractual employees )or BA's (Business associates).

2.Which level of people u hire is it for programmer level, or team leader level or Project leader level or Project Manager level or VP, AVP OR Director level. Their related benefits in terms of salary, leave, awards, medical benefit, maternity benefit, training, tenure of working period etc..

3.Those hired through CE's or BA's, in case they do not turn up for the days activity at Junior level, what is the Terms and condition with Contractor or the BA, this in terms of salary disciplinary action etc...

4.I wish to know their travel policy with in the tenure of working for the company.Also on the cesasing off from the project, what is the terms and conditon with the Contractual employees as well as the business associate.

5.Please specify the companies which enters into such projects and also for what kind of projects these employees are used.

It would be of immense help to me if "HR group" can provide me as much information as possible or beyond the specified points.

This would help us to think of going for a contractual hiring or to tie up with BA's. All these are based on the inputs which I will be getting from our "HR Group".

Looking forward for ur cooperation.

Sonia Sharma

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