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Conducting an Audit within the HR Dept.
Human Resources » Industrial Law & Discipline

Chrm Message From: hrquest Total Posts: 22 Join Date: 28/06/2009
Rank: Executive Post Date: 28/06/2009 07:04:39 Points: 110 Location: India

Hi All, 

I need to know the following :

The Different types of HR Audits that can be conducted and the circumstances (If Any) under which these can be carried out.
The Problem Areas that one should look into.
Any Pre-defined format or procedure that one should follow.
Any Websites where one can gather more info regds the same.
Any Other Info, (important or trivial) please mail me the same.

Thanking all, in Advance....

Warm Regards,

HR Quest

Chrm Message From: Jyoti Rani Total Posts: 67 Join Date: 28/06/2009  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 29/06/2009 07:01:20 Points: 335 Location: India
You will surely find something in knowledge center, one i have also downloaded.
Also, please try, you will find HR Audit Question set.
Hope this helps.
Chrm Message From: deepu234surya Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 28/06/2009  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 26/12/2009 19:50:42 Points: 5 Location: India

It is depending on the situation & need  of the company, the internal audit may be done. Sometimes because of the heavy workload of HR's, they're unable to concentrate on small things like maintenance of personal files, which is very important, for that perpose they may hire someone to look in to those files and give them the status of the files. This is one way of auditing i came across, thought of sharing with u guys,
    I indeed expect the suggestions and feedback from all..

Thanks and Regards
Chrm Message From: vasireddy vijay Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 28/06/2009  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 15/01/2010 08:59:10 Points: 10 Location: India


Dear all HR colleagues

HR audit is very important to effective functioning of the organisation. In some occasions HR Department people are  also done mistakes by oversght or insufficient knowledge etc. In my openion HR audit is focusing on the following issues. HR policies  implementation , Health and welfare provisions for employees implementation, Statutory obligations by the employer and employees relations and attitudes which are all verified by the HR Audit team, when these are all implementation is good the organisation should developed as well as employees feel happy .






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