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Employee Relation Activities

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Employee Relation Activities

Hi All,

I am HR professional with around 8 years exp. I am based out Noida. Currently we are working on our Employee Engagement Calender.

Please suggest some good employee relation activities.



Tanu Joshi

July 1, 2009 12:242
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Re: Employee Relation Activities

Hi Tanu:

Some of my suggestions would be:

A Team Gathering every month for better bonding between the team members.

Also , a meeting/ outing can be arranged at the end of every month where each team can discuss the latest contribution and acheivement for that month. This encourages both team co-ordinationation as well as a knowledge transfer as to what is happening in the organization.

Every Friday, last one hour or Every Monday, the first one hour can be dedicated for fun filled activities. There are many such games available for team building and team co-ordination.This will help employees to ooze out their stress for the weekends or begin a fresh week respectively.

Something like some environmental activities involving the participation of all employees from diffrent teams each month can be arranged. Like "Go Green", "Save Planet", Follow Traffic Rules" themes can be followed. This encourages employees to know each other, not just within the teams but organization wide for a common goal.

This are some thoughts that have on my mind right now...Hope this helps...



July 1, 2009 02:423
Jyoti Rani
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Re: Employee Relation Activities

Radhika has suggested very well, Tanu you can also think of monthly birthday celebration activity, can keep some specific days/week/month for quality, safety, housekeeping etc...