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Greetings from Results Coaching Systems!!!

We are excited to present the definitive Coach Training experience: The "Intensive Coach Training (ICT)" workshop in in association with Results Coaching Systems, the global leader in the field of Neuroscience based coach training in .


This program is designed to develop professional Coaching competencies in Senior Executives, Managers, Team leaders, HR professionals and Trainers.


We request you to nominate key people from your organization to participate in this 3 - day Comprehensive Workshop which is highly interactive and experiential in format and delivered by Master Trainers from RCS International.


Workshop Dates:                                                                            

Delhi: 3rd to 5th September.

Bangalore: 10th to 12th September

Mumbai: 8th to 10th October

 Investment: Rs. 1,10,000/- + 10.3% Service Tax Per Participant.

5% discount if confirm 45 days prior to the workshop.

3% discount if confirm 30 days prior to the workshop.

Please see the accompanying brochure for more information on this High Impact opportunity to help transform performance and develop people.


Who should participate:

·    CEOs, Senior Executives responsible for the performance and development of others.

·    Experienced coaches looking to take their confidence and coaching skills to the next level.

·    New and experienced Managers, Executives, HR Professionals Consultants & Trainers who want to dramatically improve performance and culture within their organizations

·    Individuals seeking a successful new career as a professional coach.



Why RCS...

Our cutting-edge, Brain based training pathway is International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited, allowing our individual and corporate-trained coaches, after fulfilling certain requirements to practice globally as a Personal, Business or Executive coach, or to be an internal coach with organizations.


About RCS:
Results Coaching Systems is one of the largest coach training organisations in the world, having developed over 5,000 coaches in more than 15 countries. We are the preferred coaching provider to several Fortune 500 organisations, government departments and financial institutions.


David Rock- Global CEO & Founder, is a thought leader in the global coaching profession. He is the author of 'Personal Best', 'Quiet Leadership' and a university textbook    'Foundations to Coaching'

David is an adjunct lecturer at NYU's Center for Management (SCPS) and co-founder of a complete coach training certificate curriculum.

Why Coaching?
Coaching is a critical tool for driving many of the HR priorities to develop Human Capital:

·    Improve On-boarding 

·    Support Transitions 

·    Improve Retention 

·    Drive Performance 

·    Develop Senior Leaders



About the Intensive Coach Training:
Results Coaching's Brain Based Intensive Coach Training (ICT) Program is one of the coaching world's most comprehensive and respected training experiences. Apart from integrating existing theories including change theory, learning theory, systems theory, positive psychology and solutions focused techniques, the neurophysiology domains we draw from include the study of:


·    Awareness

·    Reflection

·    Insight

·    Attention

·    Working memory and habit

·    Expectations

·    Emotions

·    Social intelligence




 " The ICT is a 3 days Trainer lead skill focused program which is highly interactive and experiential in format. It is followed by 12 weekly teleclasses of  75 minutes each" 



The ICT program offers you:

·    A proven coaching structure that will unlock people's true potential

·    The opportunity to earn a credential from the International Coach Federation

·    Masterful Feedback skills for tough conversations

·    Learn to facilitate immediate and ongoing positive change

·    A global coaching brand to align with

·    Ongoing free mentoring from experienced, successful coaches

·    The tools necessary to either build your own coaching practice, become a more effective manager or to become an internal coach for your organization.

And includes:

·    Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills upon completion

·    600 page Intensive Coach Training Manual

·    License to use the Results coaching structure, techniques and tools on a 1 to 1 basis

·    Access to online Coach Resources - student only area

·    Access to the Results Global Community, including Regional Groups

·    Opportunity to join a development pathway as a corporate associate, trainer, regional coordinator, mentor, assessor, certified coach or agency coach




By the end of the course you will know how to:


• Build trust with your clients


• Communicate effectively as a coach using a wide range of powerful questioning and listening techniques


• Create inspiring goals with your clients using the Results Coaching Model


• Motivate your clients to sustain progress towards their goals


• Create new awareness in your clients on how to overcome any obstacles they encounter.


You will also get practical experience of delivering powerful trial sessions using the Results Coaching Model that enhance your opportunities to win clients, as well as being introduced to some of the different approaches to building a coaching practice.





The Results coaching model is a brain-based approach to coaching first developed by David Rock in 1996. The model helps people close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. It is results focused and utilizes unique science-based, results-oriented methodologies to facilitate positive change in individuals and organizations.


The Results model provides clear maps and materials for coaching processes that are tried and true, and that are proven to support other people’s brains in unlocking powerful insights and producing lasting positive change. It deals with personal, business and corporate issues in an integrated manner working with the complete individual.


The model draws from many areas, including the latest thinking in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, adult learning theory, creativity tools and management development research.


Results Coaching transforms thinking on all levels –creating coaches and leaders that are confident in their ability to unlock

insight, action and positive change in any context, from coaching conversations to the executive board room.

The Coaching Conversation Model !




The Results Model is useful across many types of coaching and can be tailored to many different situations. It is robust enough to work with almost any individual willing to change, yet flexible enough to allow individual coaches to add their own ideas and previous training to the process. Though the system is well structured, the Results approach requires that the coach is completely authentic and ‘in the moment’ with the client.



Results coaching can be applied to the following areas:


Personal / Life Coaching


Life or personal coaches are engaged by individuals. A life coach will work with the client within the context of their whole life, and may work on a variety of areas depending on where the client wants to focus. They may focus together to create positive change for the client from a health, career, financial, relationship or creativity perspective.


Business Coaching


A Business Coach works with owners of various size enterprises, focusing on the company’s development as well as the client as an individual. Business Coaches work with their clients to help them excel with their business.


Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is a one-to-one, mutually designed relationship between an Executive Coach and a key executive contributor accountable for highly complex decisions that affect the organization as a whole. The focus of coaching is generally focused on organizational performance and/or development. It may also include a personal focus as well.


Workplace Coaching


Workplace Coaching is designed to get managers and leaders coaching their internal teams; working with either their direct reports or with staff across an organisation.


Background to the program


At Results, we believe that coaching is easier to deliver and receive when it has a clear structure and framework behind it.

The Results Coaching model provides a well-defined foundation, ensuring the process of coaching is professional, accountable and rigorous.

This methodical approach is ideal for working with executives, business owners and professionals of any level, as well as for delivering inside organizations.

The models at the core of the program draw

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