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Rank: Beginner Post Date: 02/05/2006 22:58:12 Points: 20 Location: India
Dear friends,

The other day, one of the retired Director of my organization was talking to a group of people, including me. The discussion was - whether one or two or three individuals ( at the top ) can influence the organizational behaviour in a short time ? The Director said that " Every organization has a DNA. This DNA takes long time to come to its shape and takes equally long time to get altered."

Personally I agree with this thought.

Members may like to ponder over it and provide their valuable views.


Madhukar Kaushik
Chrm Message From: CHRM Total Posts: 209 Join Date:  
Rank: Coach Post Date: 05/05/2006 02:49:28 Points: 1045 Location: India

Dear Madhukar & Members,

That was a philosophical answer from your ex-director considering DNA takes time to alter and influence the behavior at the organization level.

This reminds me of an example of how shared language can shape organizational behavior which is well written in  the book "The Dark and Broad Seas", by Jeffry V. Brock. The book is about Mr. Brock's long service with the Royal Canadian Navy. In the early 1950's there was the proposal for the Royal Canadian Navy to adopt the US Navy's communications equipment, repair manuals and text books, and signal books with all the codes and abbreviated message forms. Brock fought this effort on the grounds that
it  would not only be adopting a new language but also new battle tactics and a whole new philosophy of the conduct of war at sea."

As an example he noted, that the current Royal Canadian Navy fleet signal book included the specific coded message, "Enemy in Sight. I am Engaging". At that time, the only corresponding message in the US Navy fleet signal book was, "Request Permission to Open Fire on the Eenemy".

Thus, Changing the organizations shared language would have changed the organization's behavior.

Any more members to take this discussion further..



"Think HR, think CHRM..

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