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Chrm Message From: skopun Total Posts: 13 Join Date: 05/05/2006
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What is Spiritual Intelligence? How it benefits a person?

In one forum there was this query:

I think quite a few of us believe in the inadequacy of traditional science being unable to explain our universe, being unable to explain how to have a positive attitude, and how to live. We believe that possibly, there are no accidents, and the life we are living in is our choice.

I want to learn from you on how to put this spirituality into a typical skill building training program.…. I believe that the key to helping people is not develop their skills, but to build that little voice they hear inside their head every now and then. The voice that is bereaving them from within, and is having a conversation with them… Is there anyone here who has attempted to do this wants to share the experience?

After Emotional Intelligence, analysts are now looking at Spiritual Intelligence (SI) as another means of addressing personal, business and career related quandary. While IQ and EQ are not new, SQ is still in the infancy stage, at least in the Philippines. This article will discuss SQ and its connection to personal effectiveness and career development.

Different authors attempted to define SI in a general perspective so as not to offend the sensibilities of different cultures. But this is what SI is not, religion. Because of this, some professionals are hesitant to explore the fullness of SI. Furthermore, it is assumed that SI is primarily based on intuition and emotion, discouraging the intellectuals in the process.

But what is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spiritual Intelligence (SI) is all about man's connection to his Creator. It is his ability to (1) recognize life principles (natural and spiritual laws) and (2) build his life in accordance with these laws. In layman's term, SI is also called 'wisdom' or the application of knowledge

Contrary to the general perception, Spiritual Intelligence invokes the use of reason and will. The process involves analysis and a decision. To illustrate my point is to use the law of "gravity" as example. We don't have to feel the presence of gravity to believe, this principle is in place whether we are a believer of this law or not. And in application of this knowledge (wisdom), man made decisions (technological advancement) in respect to this principle to protect lives and properties.

The rest of the article in this link:

Chrm Message From: CHRM Total Posts: 209 Join Date: 05/05/2006  
Rank: Coach Post Date: 05/05/2006 23:37:03 Points: 1045 Location: Philippines

Welcome Sonnie,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us on the insights of 'Spiritual Intelligence'. We shall be more than glad to have your extended views and opinions on the practical use of spiritual intelligence at work.



"Think HR, think CHRM..

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