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Crisis Management and Role of HR
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Chrm Message From: nitinvinayachandran Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 16/08/2009
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I recently read an article about Crisis Management and felt like sharing some insights with you about it and role of HR in crisis management. HR is often overlooked in many of the organisations its perceived as an a dept which constantly sends you emails about various training or skill development programs. Crisis management  is not exactly synonyms to disaster management.  Here the word crisis is all pervading and includes everything starting from a image crises.  Management of performance during crisis is indeed a big affair. Here HR can do a lot of things.

 1 First and foremost task of the HR dept is to maintain the atmosphere of calmness in the organisation.

2. They can develop a sense of unity in the organisation by developing a family approach.

3. It should try its level best to retain its key employees so that the situation will be under control.

4. They should arrange for personal counseling for those employees who went down in performance just  after the advent of crisis.

5. They should try and advertise the positive aspects about their workforce so as to increase the workers morale..

I am sure my fellow forum mates would like to add more to it..

Chrm Message From: debora Total Posts: 108 Join Date: 16/08/2009  
Rank: Leader Post Date: 01/10/2019 11:04:07 Points: 540 Location: India

To effectively deal with a crisis, companies should be able to react correctly when such situations arise. Being prepared for a crisis is about building the capacity of employees to tackle serious disasters by equipping them with the knowledge on how to make serious but important decisions that will safely steer the organization through the storm.

HR teams must ensure that the strategic plan takes into account the health, safety and welfare of employees. Through collaboration with other organizational leaders, HR can assure that the human capital is taken care of in all crisis management and business continuity plans.

4 steps to smart HR crisis management

Step 1 – Develop a crisis preparedness plan that fully integrates the human capital

HR managers should work collaboratively with other key organizational functions, identifying the types of emergencies that the company may face. Once threats have been identified, a needs assessment should be conducted to determine resources needed for continuing business operations.

Step 2 – Establish a Crisis Management Team

The crisis management team is responsible for formulating the policies that will be followed during the crisis, they must consider all options and come up with contingency plans. It should be composed of people from all cadres, including the head of departments, line managers and human resource representatives.

The recommended roles within the crisis management team are:

·        Team leader: Coordinates the activities which will be carried out during the crisis.

·        HR manager: Works to resolve the human issues created by the crisis.

·        Security director: Serves as primary information officer.

·        Finance director: Is in charge of funds during the crisis.

·        Lawyer: Provides legal counsel.

Step 3 – Focus on information and training

Information has to be communicated in an effective manner during the crisis. Advisable crisis communication channels include:

·         Special area on company intranet.

·         Special section of HR help center.

·         Telephone hotline for employees.

·         Daily bulletin board postings, or email updates.

·         Password-protected Internet site with a discussion section strictly for managers

Step 4 – Plan for recovery phase

After the crisis is over HR managers have serious issues to deal with. Employees will most probably be demoralized, and will need help getting back on their feet. The stress that is associated with undergoing a traumatizing experience has to be dealt with promptly. In some cases relocation is unavoidable and employees have to be assisted in order to adapt to the new work environment. In other cases, death results from the crisis. The organization eventually has to rise from the ashes and valuable employees who fell during the crisis have to be replaced, which is yet another function of HR.


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