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Attrition - Merits and demerits

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Attrition - Merits and demerits

Dear All,

Attrition generally considered as  negative. Shall we  discuss both demeirits and merits. Please share your views and experience.

If anybody has articles on the subject, please mail to or send links.

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Re: Attrition - Merits and demerits

Employee attrition means the process of gradual worn out– when the employees after years of work would want to move out and relax.This process as coined should take around 40 years. This is what generally the working years of any professional was in the past, the term has changed and in this century the process takes just 3 – 4 years on an average.It has become abrupt, sudden and sometimes highly drastic. The term thus, has become synonymous to employee turnover.

Disadvantages of Employee Attrition:

When employees leave the organization it is a loss to the company, the team and the individuals.Employees are the backbone of any organization and their departing may lead to lot of various losses to company on different aspects. The disadvantages can be

1. Decreased overall performance

2. Daily task management

3. Increased cost

4. Lack of knowledgeable employees

5. Create a Negative image

6. Employee development

Advantages of Employee Attrition:

Not all turnovers are negative, we generally feel that an employee leaving the organization is detrimental to the organization, but there is a flip side to it.Employees leaving an organization may lead to benefits. This type of job attrition is called ‘healthy attrition’ and is needed for growth and development of an organization

1. Higher manpower costs

2. Negative effect of people

3. New idea

4. Higher performance

5. Setting the culture right